The Clunkster



Today, I met one of my friends for lunch! Since we went to Friendly’s, I wanted to look casual but a bit retro. First, I threw a headband on to tame my freshly christened pool hair.

You can honestly never go wrong with jeans and a T shirt. Unless you’re going to a funeral or wedding or something. But for the most part, if you don't know what to wear, jeans and a T are your best bet. And the jeans don't even have to be blue like these! I've done a Clunkster look with green jeans before.

This is basically the same, except with different high-waisted jeans. I chose my white Converse today because they make a slight difference. They line of take it up a notch and clean the look up. For this particular outfit, black Converse seemed very casual to me while white seemed a bit more polished. They matched the shirt, and I needed to use a small amount of colors since my headband is so wild.

I kept my jewelry normal, except for this Pokémon friendship necklace that my bestie and I have. I did play with my makeup a bit! I did some eye shadow, and I put concealer under my eyebrows. 

NARS showcased it on their Snapchat story today, and I was so into it, but to be honest it did look a little weird as the night progressed. Maybe I'll post about it in detail another time. 

Overall, I was super comfy today and felt really cute. Maybe if I wore this again I would wear a more fitted T and straighten my hair, but that's just getting nit picky. I'm supposed to be lazy.