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top (from my cousin). bralette. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses.

Hello, my beautiful readers! I hope you’re having a lovely week so far. It’s been nice and sunny in Boston, which is a nice change from the humidity and rain we had for a bit there. I always prefer the sunshine.

Today, I’m featuring one of my favorite tops in my closet. It used to be my cousin’s, and you can definitely tell that it’s straight out of the 90s, between the colors and pattern - which I LOVE! They’re probably my favorite parts of the top. I also love how flowy and loose it is. It’s perfect for those hot days in the summer, but it’s not necessarily a crop top. Fun fact, it also has a pocket! 

I paired this top with my denim shorts and black Converse, and wore my new bralette! My old one is starting to get a little worn, so I got this cutie from Aerie a couple weeks ago. It’s a little shorter than my other one, but it has cups, so I have a little extra support, which is never a bad thing.

Comment the weather where you are!

an ode to my floral shorts

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top (similar, mine is from Urban Outfitters). shorts (similar). sandals (similar). perfume. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off your order!)

top (no longer being sold by Zara). shorts (similar). sneakers. perfume. sunglasses (CLUNKSTER25 ;) )

Hello, my friends! I hope you all had a lovely heat wave this weekend. I spent it in the air conditioning eating popcorn and cleaning my apartment. Something about physically cleaning my surroundings always puts me in a better state of mind. I’ve also been in “throw everything away” mode from moving houses, so I’m riding that high for as long as I can.

Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite pairs of shorts with you all. They’re insanely comfortable, not too short, and so versatile. I like to wear them to barbecues and other social events during the summer. Cloth shorts like this and paper bag shorts have been really trendy lately. I need to get my hands on some more pairs, and I’ve been wanting to try bike shorts too! 

Usually, I wear a black top with these. I wore a black bodysuit with them the other day and it looked adorable. The first is a hand-me-down crop top from my cousins that I absolutely love. The cutouts make it so unique and flirty. I love the shape with the shorts. The second is the $5 top I got at Zara that I shared a couple days ago! Right after I posted that look, I realized I lost that shirt :( Please pray that we’re reunited soon! Words can’t describe how passionate I am about this top, to be honest.

Anyway, I chose to wear my gold flip flops with number one (I feel like I’m on Let’s Make a Deal), and my black Converse with look number two. I also paired the looks with different Sunice sunglasses and Katy Perry Fragrances

Where do you shop for shorts? Let me know in the comments!

spice world

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top (clunkster original hehe). shorts (similar). sneakers. purse. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off your order!). perfume.

Hey cuties! I’m so excited to share this look with you all. While my mom and I were cleaning out my house, I found this top that I used to wear as a sleep shirt when I was little. It used to be massive on me, but as soon as I pulled it out of its bin, I knew it would look adorable as a crop top. 

I brought it back to Boston with me and took some scissors to it, and I’m so proud of the result! I took some others back with me so I can do the same. I love getting creative and crafty :’) 

High-waisted bottoms really complement how I cut the top, so I wore my black shorts and black Converse to match. I finished everything off with some 90s half-up-half-down pigtails. 

What’s your favorite Spice Girls song? Let me know in the comments!

flower power

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top (no longer being sold at Zara I am SO SAD). pants (from Kensie). sneakers. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 FOR 25% off your order!). perfume.

Hi friends! I hope you’re all enjoying this sunny July. I’ve been spending my time moving out of my childhood home and into a beautiful one that I can’t wait to decorate! Life is a bit overwhelming at the moment, but great things are happening and I’m really excited. Sometimes the things that overwhelm you the most are the best!

You guys saw these pants a couple weeks ago, and because I’m so obsessed with them, I figured I’d show you how I style them when I’m not working. I absolutely love the way this crop top looks with these pants, but belly shirts are a no-no at my job! This top is kind of hard to explain; it twists at the bottom, not like a knot, but a simple twist in the fabric that makes such a big difference. It’s so unique! This top looks so beautiful with really any bottoms that I pick. I got it at Zara for $5. The sale goddesses absolutely blessed me that day!

I topped off this cute casual look with my black Converse, another thing I could never wear to work, and my favorite Sunice sunglasses. I also spritzed on some Mad Love, which is super floral-y and sweet. Perfect for a floral look!

feelin' magical

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shirt (from Something Greek). flannel (similar). leggings. perfume. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off!)

Happy Monday, my loves! Today’s look is also brought to you by my increasing separation anxiety from Disney World. I wore this on our last full day when we went to Magic Kingdom, my favorite park! It’s home to Big Thunder Mountain Roller Coaster, my favorite ride of all time. I have so many amazing memories in Magic Kingdom. I went to Disney World for the first time when I was six, and my parents and I ate dinner at the castle. We met Cinderella in the elevator, and she asked me what my baby doll’s name was. When we saw her later in the dining room, she went out of her way to say “Hi, Isabella!” to my doll. I was (and still am) so in awe of the fact that she actually remembered her name! 

Anyway, since it was a little chilly when I went as a twenty-one year old, I wore my lighter leggings and my Star Wars letters. This cropped tee is great for chilly days because it covers the parts of me that usually get cold, but it doesn’t make me overheated! I wore this flannel and tied it around my waist when it started getting sunny. 

My rose gold Minnie ears have to be my favorite part though! I had been looking forward to getting these ears for literal months before we actually got to Disney. I loved them so much, I didn’t take them off for the entire trip and for about a week after I got home. 

What’s your favorite Disney park? Let me know in the comments!

happy new year!

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top (similar, mine is from Urban Outfitters). skirt (similar, mine is from dELiA*s). heels (similar). tights. lipstick (in glacé). perfume.

Happy 2019, my loves! 2018 was the year of apologies, so instead of apologizing for being MIA again, I’m going to promise to post more this year! Now that I’m a college graduate (just typing those words made me shiver), I’ll be using the time that I would usually be spending on homework on the blog! Please hold me to that promise.

I hope everyone had an awesome New Year’s Eve! I spent mine with friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, which made me really happy. I’m usually not a big fan of New Year’s Eve, so it was really nice to start the new year off right!

I’m also a huge fan of my New Year’s Eve look! I wore this black crop top and little black skirt, neither of which I’ve worn in a long time. It was nice to take them out for a spin! At first, I wanted to go super glamorous, but I ended up keeping things pretty lowkey. I straightened my hair and kept my makeup pretty neutral, except for my lip color, which was a darker pink. I’ll be sharing a review of it soon, so stay tuned!

What was your favorite memory from 2018? Let me know in the comments!


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top (similar). leggings. sweatshirt (similar). sneakers. sunglasses. perfume. backpack (from dELiA*s, but i can’t find anything similar, i’m sorry!).

Hello, my beautiful readers! I just wanted to take a sec to thank you all for continuing to support me for so long :’) Sometimes it’s hard to believe that that there are actually people listening to/reading what I have to scream into the void of the interwebs, and I truly appreciate it. So thanks :)

Anyway, I really hope that you guys like this look as much as I do. Every now and then, I just pull stuff together and it ~works~. This was one of those times! Emerson had their very first free music festival this year, so I dropped by for a bit to see Bleachers and hung out with my sisters for a bit! I had a really great time.

I’ve actually never been to a music festival before, but I knew that I needed to look cute. Most people that go to music festivals wear crop tops and flower crowns (at least it seems so from Instagram), so I decided to wear my white crop top.

Since it was raining a bit, I wore my black leggings, which are a little high-waisted, so they looked bomb with the top. To dress things down a bit, I wore this grey sweatshirt I just stole from my mom. It’s ridiculously comfy. Thanks Ma!

This day was also one of the only days I wore makeup this summer. Sometimes I just need to take some time to get all dolled up and feel my best (at least that’s what makes me feel my best), even if I end up sweating all my makeup off later. My hair had a cute lil curl to it since it was in a bun for most of the day.

One of my favorite parts of this look is my backpack! I got it from dELiA*s way back, and it’s perfect for carrying medium amounts of stuff. Sometimes, I have trouble finding bags that are big enough to hold a good amount of things, like my phone, wallet, umbrella, and other stuff I need for whatever I’m doing, but not too big that all my stuff is swimming. This backpack has compartments, and it’s big enough to hold everything I need for those medium-sized days. I just love backpacks in general because they’re hands-free and convenient (at least for me), but they can so easily get too beat up or school-y. This backpack is navy and completely lace, which is just so cute. It looked awesome with the rest of my look.

To top it off, I wore my white Converse to match my top, and wore Katy Perry’s Indi perfume. Did you know she has a new fragrance coming out?! Stay tuned!

Do you like music festivals? Which is your favorite? Comment below!

back to black

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top (by Nothing Sacred). bralette. shorts. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses (mine are lighter).

Happy Tuesday, angels! I hope your weekend was fantastic. I just got back to Boston for my last Orientation! I can’t believe how fast my time at Emerson has gone. I feel so old. I’m excited to start getting back into the swing of this school year. I miss being busy and seeing all the people I love!

This look is another simple one featuring a top I don’t wear enough! I got it from my cousins, and it looks so great with my bralette. It’s another top that I can wear differently depending on how I drape it. It’s made of pretty thin material, so this is a great top for these hotter days.

I wore my black shorts and black Converse, and let my hair down. I also wore Killer Queen, one of my favorite fragrances from Katy Perry, and my wood sunglasses.

How did you spend your weekend? Let me know in the comments!

happy august!

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top (similar). bralette. shorts (no longer being sold by Urban Outfitters). sneakers. perfume.

Hello, beautiful people! Happy August! I’m so excited to share this look with you all because I love it so much. I’ve loved this top ever since I got it from Serengetee last year! It looks so cute with this bralette. You can kinda switch things up in a way, depending on how you wear it. I’m a fan of leaving one strap hanging, or pulling the neckline down to show my bralette if I want. I’ve been trying a little bit of both lately, and playing around with a higher neckline and more of a crop top. No matter how you wear it, this top is adorable. I love the pattern so much, and it makes me so sad that they're not offering it anymore! But I linked a couple similar patterns if you click the link under my flatlay ;) 

I’m also pumped because my roommate borrowed these shorts and just gave them back to me! I forgot I had them, to be honest. But I’m so happy I have them back in my life! The cut is very interesting. They’re high-waisted, which I love, obviously, but and very tight at the top, which I also love, but makes things difficult when you’re pulling your pants down to pee. I have a big butt! They’re also a little short, but I just love the way they look. They’re a really cool material too. I honestly don’t know how to describe it, I hope you can kind of tell from the photos. And they have pockets!

I topped this look off with my black Converse and some curly hair! I left my wet hair in a messy bun for a couple days and I got all cute and curly. I milked it for as long as I could!

What’s your favorite Serengetee pattern? Let me know in the comments!

sorority sunday!

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shirt .  shorts .  sneakers .  sunglasses  (similar, mine are lighter!).  perfume .

shirt. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (similar, mine are lighter!). perfume.

Happy Sorority Sunday! I’m actually seeing one of my sisters today! I’ve missed them all so much this summer, so whenever I get to see some of them I get so excited and happy. They put me in a great mood.

I really have been letting my love for Star Wars show in these past couple posts! I haven’t worn this shirt in a whiiiiile. It’s one of my favorites, but one of my friends accidentally washed it with her flourescent pink shirt, and it dyed the sleeves a little. It seems to have worn out over time though, and you can barely tell.

This shirt was originally a full length T shirt, but I wasn’t a huge fan, so I decided to cut it! I love the length I decided to cut it at because it’s basically just a small T shirt. I love the way it looks with these shorts.

I wore my hair in my ever-reliable braids and wore my white Converse. I also wore Mad Love, another Katy Perry fragrance, and my wood sunglasses that are just the coolest things ever.

If you’re in a sorority, how do you stay connected to your sisters over the summer? Let me know in the comments!

crop top or bra?

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top (similar). shorts. kimono (similar). sneakers. perfume.

Happy hump day! Back when it was super duper hot here in Boston, I barely wanted to wear any clothes to be honest. I didn’t have any AC in my room (thank God I do now!) so all I did was lay around in my Star Wars bra/crop top (I still never know how to categorize it) and denim shorts, watch lots of Vanderpump Rules, and sweat.

Regardless of how good these clothes make me feel temperature-wise, I think this is a cute look in general when I added the kimono. I love wearing crop tops, but I hesitate to with these newer shorts because they have a lower waistline, but I feel like showing my whole belly is Star Wars-like, like I did when I went to a May the 4th party.

And to be honest, this kimono can make anything look amazing. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and we’ve been together ever since. And while formatting this post I found out that it's no longer being sold by H&M, and I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear. But I linked an equally cute one that I actually really love. I'm definitely gonna take a stroll through their kimonos. I got this one in a size large because I wanted it to fit nice and loose, so definitely keep sizing in mind if you decide to get one for yourself (which you definitely should). 

My top knot is also thriving, as this was one of the only hairstyles I could bear! I love my long, thick hair, but in the heat it can be just too much. I miss wearing my hair down, but playing around with new styles is always fun. I’ve been meaning to measure the height of my bun, I’ll get back to you guys.

Do you think this is a crop top or a bra? Let me know in the comments!

everything is blue

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top (no longer being sold by American Apparel). shorts. bralette. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses.

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend, look at us! I’m seeing my parents this weekend, so I’m super pumped. I love any chance I get to spend time with them.

Here’s a look similar to one I posted way back when I started my blog. I’ve always loved this crop top (it’s a hand-me-down from my cousin) because it’s basic, cute, and a little flirty. When I first wore this look, I wore high-waisted, lighter wash denim shorts. Not gonna lie, as much as I adore these new shorts from American Eagle, I really miss the higher waistline that I’m used to with other bottoms. I feel like the space between the end of the top and beginning of the bottoms is too much sometimes. Nevertheless, I’ll always love this shirt, no matter how I style it.

I wore my hair in braids to protect my soul from the heat, ditched the makeup again, and wore my white Converse. I also wore INDI by Katy Perry (again! what a surprise) and my adorable (but still too big!) heart-shaped sunglasses. I get so many compliments on them.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

elephant in the room

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Hello hello! You know how I always post about really cute pieces, and I complain that I never wear them? I decided that this summer, in addition to adding more color to my wardrobe, I’ll also be breaking these pieces out more! Here’s one of them.

When I saw this top in Mystique Boutique NYC a couple years back, I instantly fell in love because I’m obsessed with elephants! They’re so perfect and adorable, and they also happen to be my sorority’s animal! (I wonder who had a hand in making that happen…) This top is super comfy, and I always love sparkles. 

I wore this top with my denim shorts, which happened to be the exact color of the blue detail on the top! Before I left, I threw on my navy blue flannel, and it actually looked really cute. I’m upset I didn’t get a picture with it on. I wanted to switch things up a bit, since I feel like I’m always showing love to my more neutral flannels. Like I said, I definitely need to rotate my wardrobe a bit!

At first when I put it on, I didn’t know how I felt. I thought it was a little too matchy-matchy. Sometimes I’ll try out different color combinations and not know how I feel just because I’m not used to them. But something inside me was telling me it worked, so I decided to go with my gut! As the day went on, I fell more in love with it.

I also wore my white Converse and Katy Perry’s Mad Love, which I don’t think I’ve ever posted about! It's super floral, sweet, and yummy! Getting the bottle to stay up like this was an adventure. If you zoom in super close, you can see that a weirdly bent paperclip did the trick. Flatlays are lit!

Moral of the story, wear what you love! I always say that when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing and it’s something you love, your happiness will shine through and you’ll look beautiful no matter what you’re in. It’s kind of like something Roald Doahl said:

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”



top (no longer being sold at dELiA*s). shorts (similar). bandeau. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses

Happy June! I feel like time has been flying lately. You know it’s been two years since I started this blog? They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I believe it ;)

This is one of my favorite summer looks! I always break it out at the start of summer. It just immerses me in summer vibes. On a grosser note, I’ve been outside so often lately, which means I’ve been super sweaty! Wearing lighter clothes is always the way to go for me, which is another reason I love this look so much.

I’ve been really into patterned pants lately, especially patterned shorts. This is one of my favorite pairs! They’re adorable, super lightweight, and so comfy. They’re perfect for just lounging around or going out; they’re really easy to dress up or dress down. My only complaint is that they’re really short, but I have long legs and a big butt, so that’s my problem with almost every pair of shorts I wear!

This shirt is another ride or die because it’s basic but unique. I know that’s a direct contradiction. But from the front, it just looks like a normal white crop top, but the back splits in two at the top so you can see my bandeau! I usually always stick with the black bandeau when I wear this top. I’ve tried to wear my bralette with it before, and the back looked so pretty, but since the fabric is so thin, the front is really see-through so it looks a little weird with the lace. The back always cools me off on a hot summer day. Back sweat is the worst!

And last but not least, I wore my white Converse to match my top. I left my hair a little messy, ditched the makeup since I’ve been so sweaty, and once again, pulled everything together with Katy Perry’s INDI perfume. I also wore my heart-shaped sunglasses, which I love, but they’ve been falling off my face a lot lately! I have a small head, so I have a lot of trouble keeping glasses on sometimes, but it never happened with these beauties. Hopefully one of those eyeglasses-fixers from CVS will do the trick. Fingers crossed!

How do you stay not-sweaty in the summertime? I know sweat is a part of life and a sign of activity and adventure, but it’s still so annoying! I hope you enjoy your weekend, no matter how sweaty it is!

friday friday friday

Outfit of the DayKristenComment

bag (no longer being sold by H&M).

top (similar). leggings. kimono. sneakers. perfume

Happy Friday! Finals are over, the sun is shining, and there’s more time to spend with the people we love. I wore this outfit to a surprise birthday dinner for one of my sorority sisters! She was so surprised, and everyone had a really great time. Gabrielle Martin is an amazing human being.

To be honest, I don’t really know how I put this outfit together! I was wearing this look earlier in the day, so I really just swapped outerwear. I normally would’ve thrown on a flannel, but since we were going out, I put on a kimono instead. I love this outfit because it’s cute and put together, but not too fancy. It’s really just the perfect thing to wear to a girls’ hang!

My hair was still in a ponytail from the night before, surprise! I put so much product in it to get it to stay perfect, so I always want to get as much out of it as I can. I did re-do my makeup though! I kept it relatively simple, with a little bit of glitter.

My favorite part of this look is probably my bag! I bought it five years ago on Black Friday at H&M. It was crazy cheap, I think it was $5! I love this color red because it adds a pop to any look, especially a black and white one like this. The bag is really roomy, too! I'd love to find a bag like this in a more neutral color, so if you find one let me know!

There’s not much to say about this look other than that it’s cute and I love it! I think it’s a good example that it doesn’t take a ton of work to take a look from night, to day, to night, to day… 

Have a great weekend!

hogwarts party


top & skirt (no longer being sold by Mystique Boutique NYC). sandals (no longer being sold by Payless). perfume

Happy Monday! It’s finally summer for me, and I’m having a blast taking a breath before life starts to settle in again. For now, I’m enjoying sleeping in and not worrying about assignments I need to turn in.

A couple weeks ago, my roommates and I threw a Hogwarts Yule Ball themed party, so everyone dressed up! This is one of my favorite fancy outfits, and I wear is as often as I can. I bought it to wear to Celebrity Night my senior year of high school :’) The skirt is so flouncy and flirty, and it goes perfectly with this top. It’s super bright, but that’s what makes it so unique. I love the slit in the chest. I posted the gold version of these sandals a couple days ago! I love them because they’re fancy, but the heels aren’t too high, so my feet don’t hurt.

And now for my favorite part, my ponytail! I love working my hair into a high, tight, slicked-back ponytail. This outfit definitely calls for one. I don’t think I’ve ever worn this outfit with my hair not in a ponytail. Maybe I’ll make a blog post about how to make the perfect pony soon ;) I also had a lot of fun with my makeup! I contoured and highlighted more than usual and got fancy with lots of gold eyeshadow.

This is one of my all-time favorite outfits! It makes me feel great. The party was amazing, and I got tons of compliments on my outfit and the Hogwarts House-themed cupcakes i made. I’m a Hufflepuff! Let me know what house you are in the comments!

may the 4th be with you

Outfit of the DayKristenComment

top (similar). pants. kimono. sandals (no longer being sold at Payless). perfume

May the 4th be with you all! I know I’m a day late, but I was busy celebrating this glorious holiday. I went to a Star Wars themed party last night that no one dressed up for but me! Lucky thing I didn’t go in my full Rey costume!

I settled on my fave sports bra/crop top, but I didn’t know what bottoms to wear since my fleece leggings would be too hot. My roommate lent me these dark green pants, and I fell in love. They were so comfortable, I have to get myself twelve pairs. I felt weird at first because I’m used to wearing high-waisted pants, but showing more belly looked a little Jakku-ish too, so I went with it. They had pockets too! They were a bit shallow, but pockets nonetheless.

I topped off the look with my kimono and gold sandals that I’ve literally had since the sixth grade. I’m amazed my feet haven’t grown. They’re so beat up and old now, but I love this gladiator look, especially with these pants! I braided my hair to match the Star Wars vibe, and finished everything off with some light, gold makeup that I did in under ten minutes. I’m proud of myself!

Are you a Star Wars fan? Let me know your favorite character in the comments!


Outfit of the DayKristenComment

jersey (my uncle's!). crop top (originally from charlotte but this one is similar). leggings. sneakers. sunglasses (similar). 

Hello, hello! Boston seems to have finally figured itself out, and it looks like the sunshine’s here to stay! Unfortunately, I overestimated the temperature, and was a little chilly in this outfit. At least I looked cute!

I started with this cute white crop top that I found in my closet! I’ve always loved it, but as always, I forgot it even existed. It reminds me of the crop top Cheryl Blossom wears in the car race episode of Riverdale. This top looks adorable with my high-waisted leggings.

I also wore this super cool Grateful Dead baseball jersey that used to be my Uncle Johnny’s, and my white Converse. I wore my hair half-up-half-down, since it was yucky and still full of hairspray for the weekend. I also ditched the makeup today because I wasn’t feeling it.

I’m so excited that I can finally wear clothes like this again! Time for lots more risk-taking and colors other than black :’)

serenget-it together, weather

Outfit of the DayKristenComment

top. bralette. flannel (my dad's!). leggings. timberlands

Hello hello! This look is another product of a half-cold, half-warm day. I put on this Serengetee top because I love the floral pattern on the pocket. It reminds me of happy, tropical times in the sun instead of bundling up to take a walk to the supermarket. Its colors looked really great with my electric blue flannel! I also wore my high-waisted leggings, bralette, and lighter Timberlands.

I kept my makeup light and put my hair up in a braided ponytail because my hair was not cooperating. I have a bunch of hairstyles that I automatically flock to when my hair looks horrible, and this is one of my favorites. Most of them involve braids. I was thinking of making a how-to post about all of them, so if you’d be interesting in reading something like that, let me know!

I really love this look though, and it’s one I definitely wanna wear more. In general, if there’s something you guys want to see or read, feel free to let me know in the comments, or send me an email or DM! I’d love to hear from you!!!

Thankfully, it looks like the nicer weather is here to stay, at least for a little bit. Fingers crossed! 

punch it

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crop top (similar). leggings. flannel (i don't know i'm sorry!). timberlands. lipgloss (by Dr. Dana Beauty).  

Do you guys have those outfits that you wear the same way every time? This is one of those outfits for me. I found this crop top at Forever 21 last year and fell in love. You all know how much I love crop tops and Star Wars. This is actually more of a sports bra, so it looks great with my high-waisted leggings.

I could really wear any color flannel or outerwear with this look, but for some reason I’m always drawn to this purple and grey one my dad got me a couple years ago. I completed the look with my lighter Timbs and and some light makeup.

Again, for some reason I always wear my hair up when I wear this shirt. I’ve worn it down before, but I love the look of this outfit with my hair in a messy bun. I feel like this look is the perfect balance between cozy/chill and flirty. This look will definitely always be one of my favorites!