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wood sunglasses

last recruitment ever

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shirt (gamma exclusive, sorry bbs!). bralette. shorts. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses (mine are lighter!)

Hey hey hey! I know I’ve only mentioned it about a thousand times, but can you believe it’s already Recruitment season?! I met some of the amazing girls that want to join my family last night and got so much more excited than I already was. I still can’t believe our idea three years ago turned into this :’)

This is our Recruitment shirt from Spring 2017! It’s my personal favorite of our Recruitment shirts. I love the unique cut that helps us ~stand out~. I wore this top with my bralette, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever not worn my bralette with this top. I don’t know what else I’d wear. Maybe a gold bralette? I don’t really want one?

I wore my black shorts and black Converse (is black your favorite color or something?) and let my hair down for the day. I wore Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume that smells as beautiful as it looks, and my wood sunglasses that broke the other day and I am SO SAD let’s not talk about it.

Are you rushing a sorority this semester? Let me know in the comments!

a simpler time

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top (no longer being sold by Charlotte Russe). bralette. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (mine are lighter!). perfume.

Hello hello hello! I hope everyone’s doing well. I’m back home on Long Island for a bit, and I’m having a blast! I didn’t realize how much I’d miss Long Island summers since this is the first one I spent in Boston, so it’s nice to come home and do typical Long Islander things and spend time with my family. I feel like I can move on from summer now.

Here’s yet another shirt I don’t wear enough! This color is so beautiful and unique. It looks like a sweatshirt, but the fabric is actually super thin, which is great in the hot weather that the east coast is suffering through. I wore my denim shorts and my black Converse to match my bralette.

I always hate when I don’t have a ton to say about a look, but this one is super simple! I always say that I need to wear more of what’s in my closet, so I’m happy I got to take this top out for a spin. I need to wear it more while the weather is still nice!

Where have you spent this summer? Let me know in the comments!

what season is it?

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flannel (from my dad!). bodysuit. leggings (no clue, i'm so sorry!). sneakers. sunglasses (mine are lighter). perfume.

Happy Tuesday, cuties! I hope your weekend was absolutely fabulous. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway done with August! To be honest, I’m just about ready for the fall, my favorite season! It’s all about transitions, new beginnings, and my birthday ;) I’ll be twenty-one this year, so that’ll be a big change for me.

This is a good transitional look for that awkward time between summer and fall. These are my lighter leggings, which have been an actual lifesaver this summer. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love my leggings, but I usually wear a fleece-lined pair that I just can’t put up with in the summertime. These leggings are still pretty high-waisted, so I wore it with my bodysuit, which I always say I need to wear more, and I am!

I threw my hair in my usual top knot, and pulled everything together with my blue flannel and white Converse. I’ve been digging the all black clothes with white shoes combo lately.

What are you looking forward to in the fall?! Let me know in the comments!

summertime sadness

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flannel (no clue, sorry!). tank. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (mine are lighter!). perfume.

Happy Tuesday, my angels! I hope your weekend was full of fun times and sunshine. It’s really hitting me that summer is coming to an end soon, and I’m getting super sad! I want time to slow down for a bit so I can take it all in, but I know that good things are coming.

Here’s a relatively basic look that I actually wore to a party last weekend! It was super chill, so I wanted to be casual but cute. As I’ve mentioned many times, I love this tank so much! I wore my denim shorts and my favorite blue flannel as well. I love the way the blues complement each other.

I topped this simple look off with my black Converse, and that’s honestly all I have to say! I hate keeping things short, but I feel like this casual look speaks for itself. And to be honest, I’m super proud of this flatlay.

What’s one thing you still need to do before summer ends? Let me know in the comments!


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shirt (similar). shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (mine are lighter). perfume.

Hello hello! I hope your week is going well. It’s almost the weekend!

Today, I’m wearing this awesome Judas Priest shirt and my black denim shorts. As most of you may already know, my dad raised me on heavy metal, and Judas Priest has always been one of his favorites. So, he got us all tickets to see them when they came to Long Island! We had floor seats, and it was legendary. They’re awesome.

I bought this shirt outside the venue. A man pulled it out of his pant leg. It’s lit.

Last but not least, I wore my black Converse, wood sunglasses, and Killer Queen by Katy Perry. I went makeupless as usual these days, and let my hair go natural. I love when it’s wavy but not frizzy, like this!

Are you a fan of any metal bands? Let me know in the comments!

just summer things

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shirt .  shorts  (similar).  flip-flops .  perfume    .  sunglasses  (mine are lighter!)

shirt. shorts (similar). flip-flops. perfume . sunglasses (mine are lighter!)


Hello my loves! I have a relatively casual look for you all today. As I’ve mentioned countless times, this summer is hot in Boston. I’ve been loving soft shorts lately because they’re lightweight, and I love all the cute patterns I’ve been seeing. I definitely need to get some more. These blue shorts have been a ride or die for me! they’re a little short, but I love the color and pattern, and they’re so comfortable.

I went with a plain white tee for the day, and threw on my dirty white flip-flops to go to the store (they’re on sale right now for SUPER cheap, go go go!!!). I tend to stick with sneakers in the summer because I’m usually out and about, and because I’m super picky with my flip-flops. The part that sticks in between my toes needs to be comfortable! I tend to wiggle my toes a lot, and I hate being irritated. I can’t really wear sandals because my tiny feet always look lost in them! These Old Navy ones from my cousins check off all my boxes. They’re very loved, as you can see.To finish off my look, I wore Katy Perry’s INDI and my wood sunglasses.

What are some things you can’t live without during summer?! Comment and let me know!

pantsless fountain kingdom

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sweatshirt. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses. perfume.

Hello hello hello! Happy weekend! Is it just me, or has this week gone insanely slow?! I’m happy to be back home on Long Island for a little to relax, eat some pizza and bagels, and spend time with my family and my dog.

I’ve been obsessed with this sweatshirt since I got it! I purposely asked for a massive size because I knew I wanted to bury myself in it all the time. I think part of the reason I love big bulky clothes like this and my flannels is because I’m cozy enough that I could almost curl up into a ball and take a nap if I wanted to!

For this look, I technically forwent (forgoed?) pants, but I’m actually wearing shorts underneath. In a dream world, I wouldn’t be wearing pants at all, but this sweatshirt is juuuust short enough that I need something to cover my butt. I finished off this look with my black Converse and wore Killer Queen by Katy Perry.

Do you like oversized clothes, or clothes that fit properly? Let me know in the comments!

sorority sunday!

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shirt .  shorts .  sneakers .  sunglasses  (similar, mine are lighter!).  perfume .

shirt. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (similar, mine are lighter!). perfume.

Happy Sorority Sunday! I’m actually seeing one of my sisters today! I’ve missed them all so much this summer, so whenever I get to see some of them I get so excited and happy. They put me in a great mood.

I really have been letting my love for Star Wars show in these past couple posts! I haven’t worn this shirt in a whiiiiile. It’s one of my favorites, but one of my friends accidentally washed it with her flourescent pink shirt, and it dyed the sleeves a little. It seems to have worn out over time though, and you can barely tell.

This shirt was originally a full length T shirt, but I wasn’t a huge fan, so I decided to cut it! I love the length I decided to cut it at because it’s basically just a small T shirt. I love the way it looks with these shorts.

I wore my hair in my ever-reliable braids and wore my white Converse. I also wore Mad Love, another Katy Perry fragrance, and my wood sunglasses that are just the coolest things ever.

If you’re in a sorority, how do you stay connected to your sisters over the summer? Let me know in the comments!

return of the flannel

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flannel (no clue, i'm sorry!). bodysuit. shorts. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses (similar, the linked pair is a bit darker).

Happy Friday! This weekend’s going to be great. I have plans with lots of people I love! I’m an extrovert, so I really thrive off being around people, but lately I’ve been so drained and want more alone time. Being alone is always okay, but sometimes I do miss having more people around! I’m excited for school to start back up again.

I really really love this look! I’ve been trying to wear my bodysuit more. I never give it enough love! I need some different types of bodysuits, maybe in different colors or cuts. If you come across any I’d love, let me know ;)

These shorts look really cute with the bodysuit. Since it was a little windy, I wore my cute purple flannel. I was between black and white Converse for a little, but I settled on the white because of how light my flannel was.

I also wore makeup today because it was finally cool enough to, but I ended up getting an eye infection! I get blepharitis every now and then (it’s lit) so I usually have to lay off of makeup for a while and get new eye makeup and brushes. I’m just pissed because I actually want to wear makeup now! Oh well.

And last but not least, the perfume in this flatlay is Purr by Katy Perry! It was her first fragrance, and it's one of my favorites. I got it for my eighth grade graduation! The bottle is so adorable, and it smells amazing. It's fruity and floral and amazing. 

What’s something in your closet you love but don’t wear enough? Let me know in the comments!