The Clunkster

Lazy Days


Tank (no longer being sold through Halsey's store). Bralette. Pants (no clue I'm so sorry).

Hey y’all! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I just had a CRAZY couple weeks between schoolwork, my sorority, and a bunch of other things. But, I’m back, and I’m ready to keep posting new looks!

To commemorate the fact that I’ve been just a bit lazy with my posting, I decided to come back with a pajama look. I love posting pajama looks because you guys get to see what I’m like even when I’m not super made up. And let’s be honest, getting ready for bed is an art in itself.

For tonight’s ensemble, I decided to wear my Badlands shirt from the Halsey concert. I wore my bralette under it so I don’t accidentally flash anyone before I go to sleep. This bralette is actually super comfy to sleep in! Every now and then I wear it without a shirt.

Since my room has been a bit chilly lately, I went with pants instead of shorts. These pants are super comfy, even if they are a little tight. Obviously, since I’m going to sleep, I don’t have shoes or makeup on, but my hair is in a pony in this photo, which is cool since I haven’t worn my hair like that in a while.

Sweet dreams!