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Return of the Pants

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Jeans. Shirt. Headband. Sunglasses (the ones I have are a little lighter). Sneakers.

Today was the first time I wore pants that weren't leggings or sweatpants in a while, and I definitely felt the difference. Since today was my first day at work, I knew that leggings weren't exactly appropriate, so I stayed away from them. I knew, however, that I would probably be moving around a lot (I was wrong, but whatever), so I wanted to be semi-comfortable. 

I love this style of jeans. They're technically high-waisted jeggings. Almost all of my jeans are high-waisted not only because I like the look, but also because I have a pretty big butt and the high waist can secure it without that awkward jean puff around my lower back. Been there, done that, not a fan. Everyone tells me they love these jeans because of the color, which I will admit is pretty cool. 

Then, I went with a simple white T shirt. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with one. I love plain white Ts because you can make them casual, dressy, or something in the middle! I actually bought this shirt when it was much longer and used it as a Halloween costume. I shrunk it a lot, but I still love it! It'll definitely be on the blog a lot.

I also figured that sneakers would be pretty good since, like I said, I figured I would be on my feet a lot more than I actually was. I chose white because white Converse are relatively more polished than the other colors, and it matched my shirt well. The maroon stripe went well with my jeans too. I know that's nit-picky, but I'm nit-picky, so it matters. I just need to clean them (that's one cool/not so cool thing about taking pictures of your shoes every day; you realize how dirty they are!). 

My headband made another bad hair day appearance (aka I didn't feel like straightening my hair) as well as my normal jewelry and makeup. Today's look was pretty simple, but okay enough to wear to work. I think it looks a bit more polished when my hair is plain and straight, but I really, really, really did not feel like doing my hair. 

Probably the only downside to this outfit was that even though it was cold at work, it was hot outside, so driving home was annoying. Like I said before too, this was the first time I've worn actual pants in a while, so as soon as I got home I ripped them off and flopped on my bed. I am happily typing this post in the comfort of my sweatpants. 

Moral of the story: pants are overrated.