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Silver(?) Is a Girl's Best Friend


My mom bought some Pura Vida Bracelets for herself. Clockwise from left: Black Studded. Track Bead w/ Silver Bitty Star Black. Silver Track Bead Black.

When I post on The Clunkster, I always make it a point to mention what jewelry I'm wearing. For me, a look is never complete unless I'm wearing a fair amount of jewelry. It can really make or break the outfit. 

I've always loved jewelry in general! It may be because my mom loves jewelry. Growing up, I watched her ask my dad for some type of jewelry for every holiday. I would usually accompany my dad to the jewelry store and I would just be in awe of all the sparkle and diamonds. My family bought me "little kid" jewelry, and as I got older, I branched out into more legitimate brands, I guess I should call them. 

I usually wear the same jewelry every day. Legally Blonde is my favorite movie of all time, and for Christmas one year my parents got me the bracelet Elle wears in the movie. I had it engraved "Kristen" on one side of the heart charm and "Love, Mommy and Daddy" on the other. If you've seen Legally Blonde you understand that the bracelet represents confidence and inner beauty. I really relate to Elle, so having the bracelet with me every day gives me the confidence to be myself even when things aren't going so well.

Alex and Ani bracelets are also really cute. I don't wear them as often as I should! I have seven, and they all mean something to me. I did get a pink string one with a rose gold heart that I wear every day. My mom has the same one in red! She also wears it every day because neither of us can figure out how to take it off. Some of the money from the purchase went to AIDS research! 

I have three necklaces that I kind of rotate. One is a silver dog-tag looking charm that says "And though she be but little, she is fierce." It's a quote from my favorite Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. My parents got it for my birthday without even knowing I loved the quote so much! My mom said she found it and thought it just pertained to me. They know me so well.

Another is a circular charm with lots of stars. The outside of the circle says "Live your own life. Follow your own star." When my aunt gave it to me on my birthday, she told me to pick a star and that would be mine. I chose a tiny one towards the middle since I like being in the center of everything.

The only gold necklace I wear has a tiny elephant on it. Its trunk is up for good luck! I love the necklace because it's so simple and because the length is adjustable. I'm on my school's cheer squad and every year the new members get Bigs, and my Big got this for me for Christmas! She's one of the sweetest girls ever. She graduated and I miss her so much. This necklace reminds me of her.

I really love rings too! I like the look of a ton of rings, but most of my rings are old and turn my fingers green. I need more! The one I wear every day is a silver peace sign ring that I got when I went to London. It's from a little shop in Camden Market. I was immediately drawn to it, but I didn't think it would fit me because it was so small. The owner of the shop made it bigger by placing it on a metal finger-looking thing and resizing it with a mallet. You can actually see the indents on the band! It gets caught on everything, but it's so beautiful and it keeps me balanced. I really need to buy more rings though. Pura Vida just came out with some beautiful rings that I should buy! 

I wear my Pura Vida bracelets almost every day. Since I became a representative for the brand, I've been trying to spread it as much as possible. Each bracelet is so unique. They go with almost all of my outfits. Remember, if you buy a bracelet from, you can use my discount code, KristenBruck20, for 20% off your purchase! 

Really though, jewelry can totally transform an outfit. Certain looks just call for silver or gold pieces. Every now and then I'll wear a shirt or dress and just know that it needs a statement piece or a long necklace. The little black dress I posted about the other day almost always calls for this big, gold necklace that is very Cleopatra-esque. It just pulls it all together. When I bought my blue dress for my sorority's Initiation (which I also posted about the other day!), I knew I needed to get a long gold necklace as soon as I tried it on. I saw one with a delicate leaf while I was waiting on line at Forever 21 and just knew that that necklace would complete the outfit.

Maybe I'm a little too lusty for jewelry, but it can seriously make or break a look. Now I want to hit up every jewelry store and just look at everything.