The Clunkster

Guess Who Got a Bloglovin'?!


Great news, my clunky friends! I finally got a Bloglovin'

For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically like a Tumblr for all types of blogs. Everything I post here on is also posted on The Clunkster's Bloglovin' page. So if you wanna stay up-to-date on everything happening over here, get yourself a Bloglovin' account! You don't even have to follow just me (even though we all know I'm your one true love), you can follow a boatload of fashion blogs and see what they're posting every day. Trust me, there are some amazing people out there in the fashion community who are seriously killing the game. 

So if you're looking for us, either click the link above, this link, the one in my sidebar, or just search "The Clunkster" on Bloglovin'. I'm making it super easy. And what's really cool is that if there's a blog you wanna follow that doesn't have a Bloglovin' account, you can follow them anyway! You basically could've been following me the whole time, but I figured I'd extend a ~special invitation~. 

And there's an app! Does this get any better or what?

And while you're at it, why don't you check out The Clunkster's other social media? We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (the links are on top of my website too!). I've been playing around with the idea of getting a Snapchat, but I'm not exactly sure yet. That may end badly, let's be honest.

But seriously. Follow me on Bloglovin'. I'm gonna keep harassing you guys until you do so you might as well get it out of the way now.