The Clunkster

Mullet Day


Business in the front...

There was no non-awkward way to take this photo

Shirt (no longer being sold at Victoria’s Secret PINK). Leggings (similar). Sneakers. Bralette.

Today’s look was super comfy.  I wore this top that I absolutely love, but haven’t worn in forever since it hasn’t been nice enough. From the front, it looks like a normal T-shirt, but from the back, it’s anything but normal. It’s like a mullet shirt! Usually, I wear a bandeau or colorful bra, but today I decided to try out this bralette that I bought yesterday, and I LOVED it.

I went with leggings because who doesn’t like to be comfy? Originally, I put on gray Toms, but when I looked in the mirror later I realized that it would look better with black Converse. For some reason, my Converse looked much better with my messy hair. My jewelry was normal, as well as my makeup. When I had my Toms on, I made my mascara very light because I wanted to look natural, but when I put my Converse on, I wanted my eyelashes to be super dark. If you couldn’t tell, I have very weird reasons for doing things.

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