The Clunkster

Throwback Thursday!


Bralette. Pants (no clue I'm so sorry). Sunglasses (similar). 

It’s Throwback Thursday! Here’s an outfit I put together a WHILE ago, hence my old setting. I was looking through my computer and realized that I never posted it! This one’s another one of my I Was Changing Clothes and Stumbled Upon a Look looks. You never know when you’ll find inspiration!

Obviously, this look consists of a black bralette and matching pajama pants that my cousin gave to me. I can’t wear them out because they’re way too tight on me, but I’m happy wearing them to bed. If I were to wear this in public though, I would pair it with my Ozzy glasses and some type of barely-there flip-flop.

I wasn’t wearing makeup in the picture, which I liked. My hair was super straight, but a little messy, which I also liked. I’m not wearing any jewelry because I was about to go to bed, but if I wore this in public, I totally would.

Overall though, I think this is super cute. Maybe next summer I’ll have more courage to wear bralettes out.