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Dropping Acid

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Shirt (no longer being sold at Pacsun). Leggings. Bralette. Sneakers

I'm back! Finals have FINALLY ended, and I'm mostly sane again, meaning that I'll hopefully be posting more. Which I say very single time. So we'll see.

Today, I went to the mall, my happy place! I'm still unpacking allllll my stuff since I moved back home for the summer, and I'm finding a lot of cute pieces I forgot I owned, like this adorable acid-wash shirt! It's perfect for just hanging out since it's super light and the fabric is so soft. I wore it with my bralette and leggings, as well as my black Converse. My choker also made an appearance, but when does it not? 

I love this super casual look, and I'm so happy to be back posting again :)