The Clunkster

where's spring?!


tank (i don't know i'm sorry!). leggings. sneakers. sunglasses

Happy Monday! Today is definitely one of those very ~Monday~ Mondays. I feel like my head is in the clouds, which is horrible because I have so much homework to do! It's that time of year for us college students. For me up in Boston, it's all yucky and cold, my extracurriculars are in full swing, and my teachers are piling on the work. I'm dreaming of the days I'll be able to read in the sun in the Boston Garden again, wearing outfits like this!

I found this outfit on my computer recently, and I'm so surprised I never posted it! I would love to be able to wear this spring-y look again. The tank is a hand-me-down from my cousin. I love lace, but I don't wear it enough! I love the cut of this tank. It stops a little bit below my belly button, so it's kind of a crop top, but it still looks like a normal length with high-waisted leggings like these. 

One of my favorite parts about this tank is that it's thick, and it basically erases your boobs, which means you can go braless! I've been trying to go braless more often, but on this particular day I wore my black bralette, which looked pretty cool with the black leggings.

To top it all off, I wore my white Converse and heart-shaped sunglasses. I love the way the black and white of this outfit looks, and the heart-shaped glasses  just make everything more cute and carefree. I miss the sun and wearing sunglasses every day. Spring, where are you?!