The Clunkster

sorority sunday: read my lips


shirt (my design but this is the actual shirt). bralette. leggings. red converse. white converse. perfume

Happy Sorority Sunday! I’m so pumped to share this look with you all! This is what I wore to my sorority’s retreat, which was super chill. I loved getting to spend the extra time with my sisters, especially since my time in college is coming to an end! I know sisterhood is forever, but it still makes me sad. We had our formal last night and it was so amazing. 

Anyway, this shirt is near and dear to my heart because I made it! I was making another tee and accidentally bought a youth sized shirt, so I turned it into a crop top. I didn’t mean to cut it this short, but I love it. I love how you can see my bralette peeking through the bottom! This top would look great with a longer bralette. I designed the lips and words on Canva, then printed it on transfer paper, and ironed it onto the shirt! It’s such a hassle buying custom sorority merch sometimes, and if you know exactly what you want, it’s 100% worth it to make your own shirts. I made another that I’ll share eventually ;)

This look would be nothing without my high-waisted leggings, and my different colored Converse. I couldn’t decide which color to wear, so I chose both! Some people stared, but I was having a good time. A little girl on the T was amazed.

I’m so happy I can share this look with you guys! Stay tuned for some awesome looks coming this week!