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it's july now???

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tank (no clue, I'm sorry!). bralette. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (similar). perfume

Happy Sunday, my faves! The heat has me sweating ridiculous amounts. I’ve always been super self-conscious because I sweat a lot, and I’ve always thought that it’s gross! I have to remind myself that sweat is just your body’s way of cooling you off, which is pretty cool. Like, thanks body! Your body is so cool. It’s always looking out for you. I’m getting off track, but my point is that I have to remind myself that sweat isn’t something to be ashamed of, it’s a natural part of being a functional human being! How great is that?!

Here’s another one of my faves, my uncle’s tank top! He wore this one a lot, so I knew I had to hold onto it after he passed away. I wore it with my bralette and tried tucking it into my shorts, but it’s too long and got all bunchy and uncomfortable. I just left it out the Long Island way! Everyone knows you’re wearing pants, but it doesn’t really look like you’re wearing pants. But it’s chill, you’re comfortable and it’s lit. I finished off the look with my black Converse.

I love the summer, and I love summer style because I usually love wearing tight stuff, as you all know. But over the past year I’ve loved wearing more big, bulky stuff that tends to be heavier and not great in the heat! I need to go on another shopping spree.

Does anyone live in a place that’s hot year-round? Is it worth it?! Let me know in the comments!