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Happy Tuesday, angels! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I got to see some of my sorority sisters on Sunday! Our Vice President was sweet enough to have a barbecue for us. We had so much fun! My heart is so full when I spend time with them. I’m so lucky to have them.

So here’s a sorority look! I haven’t worn this tank in a while! It’s hand-washable, and I only do those every now and then #adultingproblems. But I’m so happy I got around to washing it because it’s really one of my favorites. I used to be a cheerleader, and we used to cheer at Emerson’s basketball games, so I got it in Emerson’s colors, purple and white. I’m actually super lucky I didn’t get it in purple and yellow or gold, which used to be Emerson’s colors. They rebranded to purple, white, and warm grey/silver. I have so many feelings about it but I will spare you.

Anyway! This jersey looks great with my black lace bralette. We have a little ~French tuck~ action happening here (Queer Eye fans ;) ). I didn’t even know that what I was doing was a ~thing~ until I started watching Queer Eye! For those of you who don’t watch (you’re missing out!) Tan, the fashion guardian angel, often suggests a French tuck, which is basically when you tuck in your shirt tightly, then loosen it up so it hangs over your waistline a bit. I love doing it with most of my tanks and my denim shorts.

I topped off the look with my black Converse and a super high bun. I was torn between black and white Converse because of the letters, but I went with the black because I figured it accented them better.

What’s a piece of sorority merch you’ve been dying to get? Let me know in the comments!