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lime and lotus organics' purify activated charcoal masque

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Hello hello! I’m so excited to share this cruelty-free product review with you all today. As soon as Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen emailed me about her all-natural skincare line, Lime and Lotus Organics, I knew I had to share this brand with you all. As a holistic doctor, she started her brand when she was tired of recommending harmful, chemical-filled products to her patients. Like a badass, she created her own skincare brand! She sent me a bottle of Lime and Lotus Organics’ Purify Activated Charcoal Masque to review, and I fell in love. Thanks Dr. Zgraggen!

First of all, I’m such a fan of the ingredients in this formula. This masque is paraben, phthalate, petrochemical, and gluten-free. I’m familiar with almost all of the ingredients on the bottle. The only one I had to look up was sulfone, which turned out to be a sulfate. The formula itself smelled so delicious, like a vanilla cupcake! You guys know I love a nice-smelling beauty product. It’s not thick or sticky, which pleasantly surprised me. I’m assuming it’s because this masque contains only the most essential ingredients.

I also love the bottle itself. I find it so much easier to apply this masque with a pump, and it’s fun to share with friends! I did this masque with three of my friends, and they all loved it as much as I did. I wanted to share it with my mom, but she’s allergic to sulfur, which was the only obstacle I came across with the ingredients.

This masque is made with white willow bark, aloe vera, pomegranate seed oil, and activated charcoal, all of which contain great anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. I use this masque once a week to give my skin a little tune-up since it addresses every concern I have with my skin. It makes me feel so relaxed, refreshed, and renewed. The front of the bottle says “Detox, Tone, Hydrate,” and this masque definitely checks all of those boxes. 

I really can’t speak highly enough about this masque and this company. I’m so excited to offer you guys 20% off your purchase from Lime and Lotus Organics with my code, CLNKSTER! Make sure you hurry, because this code only lasts for the next month. If you really can’t wait, I have a surprise coming with Lime and Lotus soon. Stay tuned!

For more information about going cruelty-free, check out PETA’s Searchable Database or Cruelty-Free Kitty’s alphabetized list of cruelty-free brands.

wondrous oral care's clean tongue wand!

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Guys, I’m seriously so excited to share this product with you all. One thing you may not know about me is that I love taking care of my teeth. People always think I’m weird when I say that, but I really do love going to the dentist and brushing my teeth multiple times a day. I smile a lot, so I don’t want my teeth looking yucky. There’s nothing like perfect pearly white teeth and bright red lipstick!

Usually, when I brush my teeth, I brush my tongue and the roof of my mouth with my toothbrush. My mom uses a tongue brush, but I didn’t think I needed to do anything extra for my tongue. But since I’ve tried Wondrous Oral Care’s Clean Tongue Wand, I honestly don’t know how I’ve been living without it.

Wondrous Oral Care asked me to honestly review this product, and I seriously can’t give it enough praise. Before I even used it, I knew it was awesome just because of what it was made of. I’m completely comfortable putting this in my mouth! Their Clean Tongue Brushes are made in an FDA-approved facility that also makes baby bottles. It’s free of harmful dyes, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free!

What also sets this tool apart from typical tongue cleaners is that it’s tiny, so it easily fits in small mouths like mine (I didn’t even gag!) and makes things super quick. The beauty of this tongue wand is that it has tons of microgrooves. I tried taking a picture of them, but it doesn’t really do them justice! Essentially, you use this device to rake your tongue downwards. The microgrooves manage to get all the yucky stuff off of your tongue. You just rinse with water in between, then dry the tongue cleaner and pop it back into its cute plastic holder (which is currently holding both my toothbrush and my tongue cleaner. It’s lit.). You can find their tutorial here

To be honest, I never knew just how dirty my tongue was until now! When I used my toothbrush to brush my tongue, I never really examined it. But since I started using this tongue wand, I find myself making sure I’m definitely getting all the yucky stuff out of my mouth. I’ve seen such a difference in my tongue cleanliness since I started using this tongue wand. In fact, I forgot it when I went home last weekend, and noticed the difference pretty quickly. My mouth just feels fresher and cleaner when I use this wand. Brushing your tongue with a toothbrush just isn’t enough!  I really can’t recommend this product highly enough.

Would you guys be interested in more cruelty-free oral care reviews, like toothbrushes and toothpastes? Let me know! 

If you’re interested in going cruelty-free, check out PETA’s Searchable Database and Cruelty-Free Kitty’s alphabetized list of cruelty-free brands. If you have any cruelty-free recommendations, please comment them below!