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Vest. Sunglasses (similar). Shirt. Boots (no longer being sold at Primark. Leggings.

I really love my look today! You all know that I put lots of thought into my outfits, so you probably won’t be surprised once I explain my reasoning behind this one. I had to go to the dentist this morning (my teeth are perfect! Yay for dental care!), but I had to go to work right after. Since my work uniform is a white T shirt and black slacks, I figured I’d wear a white T shirt today to save less time changing later.

Next, I threw on some leggings (that I’m not allowed to wear to work, sadly) so I would be comfy and my boots because I feel like I haven’t worn them in a while. I also haven’t worn my military vest in a while, so I threw that on too! I love, love, love the way it all looks. I was a little skeptical about wearing this vest with sleeves because I haven’t yet, but I actually really loved it. I’d like to try it with long sleeves soon.

I also really loved the way my hair looked today. I brushed through my slept-in curls, and this happened! I sprayed them a little and dry-shampooed the top. I would definitely wear curls like this again! I kept my jewelry simple (I wore my dogtag necklace to keep the military look) and wore my rounded glasses since they look amazing with this vest.

This is definitely something that I would wear again in the near future! It’s perfect for the spring/summer because it keeps you warm in air-conditioned areas, but you don’t sweat outside.

I love clothes.

My First Post! Aghh!


Please excuse my dirty mirror and American Girl dolls! 

Dress. Vest. Tights. Boots (aren't being sold anymore :( ). Sunglasses (similar).

I can't believe I actually started this blog! I've been wanting to do this for probably about a year now, but I never had the time or motivation. Well, here I am! 

My name's Kristen, and I am your Clunkster. If you wanna find out more about me, check out my about page! 

Now, onto the look. I kind of stumbled upon this outfit choice this morning. I had two job interviews today, and my original plan was to wear a flannel with this dress for the first interview (I know it seems kind of sloppy, but trust me, it totally matched the vibe of the store) and then take the flannel off for the second. Then, I found this jacket/vest thing I bought at Charlotte Russe the other day and I figured I'd try it out. It turns out I loved the look! I ended up wearing it for both interviews. I love how the vest was juuuuuust a little shorter than the dress. 

I really love this dress because it's very flowy and comfortable. It's casual, but dressy when it needs to be. Today was actually the first time I wore it without black Underarmour underneath. I liked it! The dress has hidden pockets, which I love, even though I used the pockets in my vest today. I added stockings because I almost always wear stockings with my dresses. Not only am I a dancer, but I also went to Catholic school for twelve years, so that's what I get. I have way too many pairs of black stockings, but I use them to my advantage! 

I paired it with boots because I freakin' love these boots. I got them at Primark, a European store in Boston, for like dirt cheap. They've held up pretty well! There's a slight knick at the toe of one of them and the laces completely fell apart, but I replaced them with some laces I stole from my dad's boots. Everyone thinks they're Timberlands. These boots pretty much go with everything I've been wearing lately. 

Then, I added the sunglasses. One thing y'all should know about me is that I am a sunglasses freak. I have like ten million pairs and I match them to my outfits every day. I just got these maybe last month and I was a little iffy because of the weird bar on the top, but I actually love them. I feel very boho. And they do a good job blocking the sun without completely erasing it, which is a plus! 

I really like the military style. The longer I've been living in the city, the darker my color choices get. I guess I'm just used to that urban vibe at this point. I'm definitely a little out of place on Long Island, but I felt comfy and cute, so whatever. 

As far as makeup goes, I went with my signature style: super super super long lashes and nude lips. I wore a silver ring, many silver earrings, a silver bracelet and some Pura Vida bracelets (more on Pura Vida another time!).  I love silver. But I forgot to put on a necklace, which I realized later when I tried to play with the necklace and ended up grabbing the air. 

I feel like this is a really good outfit as a first post because I love it so much so I'm really passionate about it but it also really expresses me. It merges my urban and girly sides perfectly, and most importantly, I was comfortable and confident. 

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Have a clunky day!