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"florals? for spring? groundbreaking."

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shirt. pants (from kensie). sweater (from primark). shoes. perfume. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off your order!).

Hey cutie patooties! I hope you’re all enjoying your summers so far. Boston’s weather has been quite all over the place as usual, but it feels so great to have finally ditched my puffy jacket and clunky boots (not that clunky is ever a bad thing, obviously…).

Remember a little while ago when I was talking about how much I love patterned pants? Here’s a pair I’ve been obsessed with since my cousin gave them to me out of her closet. It’s finally the perfect weather to wear them! As much as I like wearing tighter clothes like leggings, I love a good flowy pant.

Usually, I wear these pants with one of my bodysuits, but if they’re in my hamper, I’ll tuck this black tee into my pants. I wore my grey sweater since it sometimes gets chilly at work, and my grey TOMS, which are almost as comfortable as these pants.

Now that it’s sunny out, I’ve been wearing my Sunice Sunglasses alllll the time. Be sure to use my code CLUNKSTER25 to get 25% off your order!


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sweater (no longer being sold at tilly’s). leggings. bralette. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 to get 25% off your order!)

Hey babes! I hope your weekend was fabulous. I got to spend mine with my mom! We went to the Institute of Contemporary Art, which I had surprisingly never been to in the four years that I’ve lived in Boston. It was so cool! They featured a piece by Ragnar Kjartansson called The Visitors, and it was hands down the most beautiful piece of art I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend checking it out if you can! I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Speaking of goosebumps, I wore this outfit back when it was still a little chilly. This sweater usually keeps me warm enough without a jacket, but it’s not super heavy, which is nice. I always wear it with my black bralette and leggings. Sometimes I’ll wear boots, but most of the time I’ll wear my sneakers or moccasins. I always feel so cute and cozy.

I threw it back to sophomore year Kristen and wore my hair half-up-half-down, but left the choker in 2017. I also sprayed on some Indi by Katy Perry because it makes me feel so warm inside.

Sometimes I miss dressing cozy like this, but then I see the sun shining and remember how much I love summer. Do you have any cool plans coming up? Let me know in the comments!

goth founding father

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sweater (no longer being sold at dELiA*s). leggings. boots. perfume. lipstick (in Sanctuary). sunglasses (get 25% off with my code CLUNKSTER25!).

Happy hump day, cutie pies! What have you done with the first half of this week? I’ve watched a ton of reality TV and did so much laundry. I also blew a fuse in my kitchen. That was fun.

I got this sweater at dELiA*s a whiiiile back and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s super comfortable and really, really heavy, which is perfect for the colder temperatures of this lovely season (by the way, it was in the 60s in Boston for the past two days, but now we’re back down to 30 degrees. What a tease.). These spikes are just so cool. This sweater is relatively old, so they’re loose and falling off a little, which is sad. But you know I’m gonna wear it to absolute death.

I wore my black Timbs with my fuzzy leggings. I recently learned that I should be hand-washing these particular leggings, and I wonder if that’ll make them last longer. I’m experimenting with one of my pairs, so stay tuned!

My hair was in a bun when I took this photo because I was having a horrible hair day! The bun looked cuter in person, but in this picture, I look like a goth founding father. Life is like that sometimes. But I actually put a ton of effort into my makeup because a sweater this extra deserves makeup that’s just as extra. It’s go big or go home with this beauty. I don’t think I’ve ever not worn my Kat Von D lipstick with it!

Tell me about your favorite sweater in the comments!

you fit me better than my favorite sweater

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Hey, angels! I hope this week has been awesome for everyone. I’ve been a little stressed with finals and life itself, but I’m pushing through, one nap at a time! In the meantime, I figured I’d share a look I’ve been wearing basically non-stop for a while now. I’ve been ridiculously into bodysuits lately, and I always love my high-waisted leggings.

I haven’t talked a whole lot about my new favorite sweater yet! I got it on a trip to the Duluth Trading Company’s headquarters in Burlington, MA with my dad! It’s where he gets a lot of his flannels, so a couple of my flannels are from there. I got this sweater in an extra large, so it was comfy and cozy. The next size up was way too big. But it’s so warm and comfy and I can’t take it off! I’ll make any excuse to wear it and I have been.

I went with my lighter Timberlands to add some ~color~ to the look. My hair is a little curly because I left it in a bun overnight! I really love when that happens.

Do you have a sweater you can’t stop wearing? Let me know in the comments!

happy birthday to meee

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tights. heels (similar).

Hey hey hey! I hope you all had a lovely week. It was my 21st birthday on Wednesday! I feel very old, let’s not talk about it. Instead, let’s talk about the cute outfit I wore when I went out to dinner with my parents to a ~fancy restaurant~. This is one of my favorite looks lately! I wore it to HerCampus’ College Fashion Week (which was so fun I need to dedicate an entire post to it sometime soon). It doesn’t look it, but it’s actually really warm, so it’s perfect for dressier events when I don’t wanna freeze completely.

Call me Steve Jobs, my black turtleneck is my ride or die. I tucked it into my denim skirt and wore my black tights. I also wore my new grey sweater, aka the love of my life, which made things extra cozy and made the look juuust a bit more casual.

For College Fashion Week, I wore this look with my beautiful black heels, but when I went out to dinner I wore my tan Timberlands. I absolutely love this look with the heels, but I was tired and the tan boots looked cute too. Heels sometimes require effort that I just can’t give. Like I said with the sweater, the boots brought everything down a notch without killing the vibe.

Since I was getting ~fancy~, I actually did my makeup (I know I’m shocked too) and straightened my hair! I forget how much I love getting all dolled up until I get myself to do it.

What’s an outfit that makes you feel awesome? Let me know in the comments!

off-duty ballerina

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leotard. leggings. sweater (no clue, i’m so sorry). moccasins. perfume.

Hello, my beautiful readers! Once again, I’m very sorry for the lack of posting. I’m still getting used to my crazy workload and settling into my new apartment, which explains my new selfie surroundings! My camera is also currently malfunctioning, so you guys get some old-fashioned iPhone photos for a bit.

Here’s a look I wore a little while ago that I really loved. I felt like I was heading to a ballet class, and it made me really miss my dance days. I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about it here, but dance was literally my entire life for about twelve years. I took dance as a class in high school, and I did Kickline and Cheer on and off until last year too. I really miss it :(

To be filed in the Things I Never Wear But Love When I Do folder, my leotard! I always talk about how much I love my bodysuits, so I’ve been trying to wear them more, but I haven’t taken this cutie out for a spin in a while. She’s a little ~cheeky~ because the leg holes (??? you know what I mean) are kinda high, so my hipbones peek out a bit over my lighter leggings.

It wouldn’t be a Clunkster bodysuit look without some form of outerwear. Of course, I went with one of my many grey sweaters. I absolutely love the silhouette of this lighter one. It’s so comfortable and looks great with the leotard and leggings. And, of course, it’s very ballerina-esque.

I wore my insanely comfy moccasins, which I also don’t wear enough. My feet have been killing me lately from walking all over the city in my Converse. I threw my hair in a bun in true prima ballerina fashion, left my face bare, and called it an extremely comfy day.

Do you dance? What kind do you do? Let me know in the comments!


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turtleneck (similar). leggings. flannel (from my dad's closet). timbs. lipgloss (in sanctuary)

Hello hello! I think if this post taught me anything, it's that I have absolutely no colors in my closet. Seriously! I think my mission for the spring/summer will be to let more colors into my life. It's not that I don't like colors, I just don't usually utilize them in my wardrobe! I have light skin and dark hair, so I tend to float towards the dark side a bit more. But who know what'll happen! Stay tuned hehe...

This is close to a look I posted just last week. I talked a lot in that post about how I like neutral looks with cool outerwear, so I did that again with a different flannel. This is one of my go-to looks because it's really easy to style. It's quick, neutral, and you can basically wear it with any sort of hair or makeup. Have a lovely Tuesday!

sorority sunday: recruitment throwback


shirt (gamma exclusive, sorry!). bralette. leggings. sneakers. sweater (no longer being sold by The Gap). 

Happy Sorority Sunday! Now that New Member Education is all done, I feel like I have nothing to do! Since I’m New Member Educator for my sorority, I’m so used to being with my sisters almost every single night. I miss them all so much! But I do enjoy the extra sleep I get now.

This shirt is from Xi Gamma Nu’s very first recruitment back in Fall 2016! It’s one of my favorites. I love how the cut is different because it helps us stand out! We’re not like other sororities, and I feel like this shirt reflects that. And it features the compass, our symbol, which melts my heart.

I wore my bralette under this shirt and my leggings. I pulled everything together with my grey sweater and white Converse. I wanted to keep everything lighter and more chill. This look is from a while back, which is why this selfie is from my other room! My hair is wet and I’m not wearing any makeup. I don’t remember what I did, but it was obviously a chill day.

I’m gonna try to post more Sorority Sundays! I think it’ll fill the void in my heart for New Member Education. What sorority are you in? Comment below!

black and blues

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turtleneck (similar). flannel. leggings. boots. lipgloss (in Sanctuary). perfume

Hi hi! Today’s look is one of my new favorites. My lovely father gave me more flannels! He’s the greatest. The two he gave me are actually thicker than what I’m used to, which has been great throughout this winter. Sometimes I can get away with one of these and a jacket or sweatshirt underneath! The other flannel is red, while this one is electric blue. I don’t wear it as much as my red one because it’s so bright, but I love it just the same!

Today, I decided to wear my flannel over an all-black outfit. I really like wearing a plain black turtleneck and leggings and adding some cool outerwear, like a flannel or sweater. It makes this piece pop and gives you endless opportunities for shoes, hair, and makeup! On this particular day, I stuck with my lighter Timberlands, tight braids (you do not want to see what my hair was trying to do), and some darker makeup. I hadn’t gotten fully made-up at any point the week I wore this, so it was nice to feel a little functional again. As I always say, if you look good, you feel good!

wild hogs

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turtleneck (similar). flannel. leggings. boots. lipgloss (in sanctuary). 

New flannel alert! This one isn't a hand-me-down, but it's not a women's flannel. My parents know me too well. For Christmas, they searched for a Harley Davidson big men's flannel that I'd like, and they chose the perfect one :') Aren't they the best? For those of you who are new here, I've grown up in a Harley Davidson family, and I wear their merchandise with pride. 

You can only kinda see it in the pictures, but one side of the flannel has the Harley Davidson shield. It also says "Harley Davidson" across the upper back, which is super badass. Even though this flannel isn't old or worn, it's actually really soft and comfortable. I really love wearing it! I also really love the color. I have another red flannel, but it's really bright. This is more chill and muted.

The color goes with my Kat Von D lipstick perfectly! Ah, my Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, love of my life. Because these two colors existed perfectly together, I decided on muting the rest of my look. I wore a black turtleneck, black leggings, and black boots. I think this really let the two maroon colors pop and play off each other really well. And as a bonus, I was really comfortable. 


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jersey (i don't know i'm sorry!). turtleneck (similar). leggings. boots. perfume

Everyone has those days when they search through their full closet and feel like they have nothing to wear. I had one of those days last year, so one of my suitemates gave me his San José Sharks jersey. I ended up loving it and wearing it all the time. I'm surprised I haven't posted about it until now! I actually got a boy's number on the T because I was wearing this jersey. He thought I was from California like him, and I'm not, but I got a boyfriend out of it! Thanks, Sharks!

I like wearing this jersey when its cold because it's surprisingly warm. All the patches make the jersey kind of heavy. It's fine when I wear it alone, but on colder days like today, I wear my turtleneck underneath and it still looks good. I wore my heavy, fleece-lined leggings, and my new Timberlands! I still need to make a post worshipping the two pairs of boots I just got for Christmas. 

And, I wore one of Katy Perry's perfumes, Killer Queen: Royal Revolution. For those of you who are familiar with the rest of Katy's fragrances, this one is like a mix of Killer Queen and Purr. I really love it! Lately, I've been wearing INDI, but I decided to switch it up a bit. Overall, I was super comfortable and warm today. I'm happy I could finally share this jersey with you all! 

Sorority Sunday!


Happy Sunday! I love Sundays when I'm on Long Island because my dad is home, so we get to spend some time together and talk, and when my mom gets home we have some nice family time. I love Sundays in Boston too, but they're a little more hectic because my extracurriculars usually fall on Sundays, like my weekly Chapter meetings for my sorority! I love Chapter because I get to see all my sisters at once, and we get to talk about kicking ass. 

This Sorority Sunday, I have a new hockey jersey that my parents got me for Christmas! I've been wanting a sorority hockey jersey for so long, and I finally got one! I actually asked for some different colors, but Something Greek was out of stock, so my mom picked these colors. To be honest, I didn't like it originally, but it looked great when I put it on! Looking now at the colors I would've chosen, I'm actually really happy I got this one. Everything happens for a reason! 

It was a little too cold to wear just the jersey, so I wore my black turtleneck underneath, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how it looked. I also wore my heavy fleece-lined leggings, because it is truly brick out here on Long Island. 

And, maybe the most exciting part of this post, my new Timbs! I'll probably make a separate post about them because I'm so excited about them, but my parents also got me black, genuine Timberlands for Christmas and I'm SO happy. If I start talking about them now they'll completely dominate this post, so stay tuned for another of me literally just freaking the hell out. 

But I'm really happy I got this jersey! It's unique and different, and lets me represent my sorority the way I want to. I don't think I'll ever stop buying sorority merch, literally until I'm ninety years old. It's not 4 years, it's 4 life :')

Sorority Sunday!


Tank Top. Jeans. Bralette. Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap). Sneakers. Sunglasses. Lipgloss.

Happy Sorority Sunday, loves! Sorry for being MIA lately, I have a ton of unfortunate family stuff going on that I kinda needed to focus on. Thankfully, it's a new day, and it's full of Gamma pride. I miss my sorority more than anything, so I've been wearing my letters literally whenever I can. 

I wore this look when I went out to breakfast with one of my sisters. It was rainy and humid, so I went with a tank top and jeans. I know, I'M wearing jeans?! My dad was surprised too. 

This look features two of my most recent purchases. One is my brand new pearly white Converse, and the other is my new Kat Von D lipgloss, which you'll be hearing more about soon! Until then, happy Sunday! 

Comfy and Cool


Bralette. Leggings (similar). Moccasins. Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap).

Who needs a shirt when you've got a bralette? If you've been following me for long, you understand my philosophy. This photo was taken waaaaay back at the beginning of this past school year (RIP), but I figured it was relevant since it's hot as all hell on Long Island right now, and I really haven't been a big fan of shirts. Really, a bralette is just like a crop top or bikini top. It's adorable and ornate, so it could totally pass. And even if it doesn't, I don't care, I'm wearing it anyway. In past looks, I've worn bralettes without anything, but this time I added my Clunkster gray sweater. 

I really miss these leggings. They're so so comfortable, but completely ripped down the inner thighs since my thighs are muscular and rub together a lot. I definitely got good use out of these leggings. They made my ass look fire. My moccasins are also super comfy. Overall, this is a really comfy look with a little big of sex appeal, I guess. 

You Just Don't Understand


Sweater (no longer being sold at dELiA*s). Leggings. Sneakers. Lipgloss. Sunglasses (similar).

This is one of my favorite sweaters I've ever owned. My friend's mother called me "the cutest little badass" when I was wearing it one time, which I think suits me perfectly. I wore this out to a dinner that went horribly, so the darker tones definitely matched my vibe. I kept things on my bottom half simple, just leggings and Converse, but added my choker and vamp lip to really pull it all together. I felt like a high-fashion goth kid. "You just don't understand, Mom!"

Throwback Thursday


Dress (no clue I'm sorry). Sweater. Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar). 

Wow, so this is a mega Throwback Thursday. This was my First Day of School outfit from the beginning of the year! Growing up, I wore a uniform to school, so I never really went back to school clothes shopping or anything, but my mom always took a picture of me with my backpack on before I left.

I actually wore this dress for my first day of college classes ever, so I thought it would be cute if I wore it again. This dress was another cousin-hand-me-down, so I have no clue where it’s from, but isn’t it cute? It’s the perfect balance of cute and formal. I’ve worn it to so many ~events~, but I also wear it on regular, casual days.

Most of the time, like in this look, I wear this dress with my black Converse to keep it cute and casual. If I need to be a little more dressed up, I wear my clear flip-flops with silver studs.

When I got chilly, I put on my grey cardigan thing that perfectly matched the top of my dress. My makeup was normal, and my hair was straight, since I was super pumped for the first day of classes. My jewelry was normal as well!

Clunky and Cute


Sweater (similar). Skirt (different color). Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar).

Okay, so this is one of my favorite outfits. Obviously, I have a deep love for this denim skirt that runs through my veins and makes me a better person. This sweater is one of my favorite things ever. How cute is this sweater? I’ve never owned a cropped sweater before, but I’m 500% in love with this one, and I want to buy so many more. In fact, I’m wearing this sweater backwards!

The back is super cute and laced really low, and I love a beautifully ornate back, so I figured, why not? Then, my friend tried it on and put it on with the laces in the front, which was really the “right” way, which I didn’t realize, even though the tag was on what I thought was the front.

In my opinion, you should be able to wear your clothes however you want, and I like wearing this backwards! You can’t even tell the difference! I also like to wear a sweater dress backwards, which I’ll talk about eventually.

I wore my white Converse since my black Converse just look weird with this skirt, and I straightened the hell out of my hair. I love this look as a party look, but also just for hanging out! My makeup looked pretty good too. In general, I was just so happy with how this look turned out. I wear it every chance I get. It's very flirty and innocent. It's perfect.

Classic Clunkster


Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap).

Shirt. Leggings. Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Bralette.

I feel like this look is 100% me. At the end of my Serengetee internship, I got this adorable crop sweater that I had wanted for so long! It's insanely comfortable, and I love how you can wear it off the shoulder or not (even though I almost always wear it off the shoulder). It goes perfectly with this bralette and leggings, as well as my typical Clunkster boots. When I get cold, it looks fab with my favorite grey sweater or a different flannel, or really anything. I always wear this crop sweater with a choker, too. 

Overall, I think this look totally represents my style. It's also super comfy! Even though I'm not a Serengetee rep anymore, I'll always promote their clothes because they're so awesome. 

Team Bralette


Bralette. Sweater (no longer being sold at the Gap). Leggings.  Boots (no longer being sold at Call It Spring). 

Every now and then, I'm in the middle of changing my clothes, and I look in the mirror and realize that even though I'd never thought of creating this look in the first place, it's actually an adorable outfit. This happened while I was hanging my clothes a while ago and stumbled upon this thing! 

I've always talked about wearing my bralette as just a shirt one day. To be honest, it could totally pass as a crop top. The other day, I was super hot in my school's café so I just took my pullover sweater off and walked around in my bralette for a while, but I felt weird. I think I would've felt less weird if I looked cuter, like if I were wearing something like this.

I love how the high waisted-leggings and bralette look together, and I absolutely love this grey sweater, as I've talked about before. I threw on these boots because I figured they'd make the entire look sexy and badass, and in my opinion, they did. 

Maybe one day I'll actually wear this as an outfit!