The Clunkster

Wear the World... Thursday?


Yesterday was Wear the World Wednesday, but I was too busy to post yesterday, so I guess it’s Wear the World Thursday! This is my first post with one of my Serengetee items. I think I’ve posted this shirt on my Instagram before, but here’s an actual look to go with it.
I’ve told you all about what Serengetee is, but I figured I’d remind you all in relation to this shirt. Serengetee has a ton of fabrics and patterns that come from different areas of the world. This one, called Rio, is from Brazil! Every fabric also has a charity from that region attached to it. This fabric provides microloans to women entrepreneurs in Brazil, which I think is super cool. Whatever fabric you choose can be made into basically anything: hats, backpacks, bags, shirts, and more.

This shirt is one of the most comfy things I have ever put on my body. I felt like I was in a constant cuddle while I was wearing this. It’s perfect for a lazy day like this one! I wore it with my comfy leggings and my moccasins, since they’re basically like slippers. I threw on a hat because my hair looked like absolute shit. I was so comfortable today, holy shit.

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