The Clunkster

Autumn of the Bodysuit


Bodysuit. Skirt (different color). Heels (similar). Sunglasses (similar).

I’ve been wanting to get a bodysuit for a while. I was so excited when they came back in because they remind me of the 80s, which I love, and they remind me of my ballet days. I kept meaning to buy a bunch, because I kept wanting to wear them to parties. So, I finally bought one when I shopping last weekend. I bought it with this skirt in mind.

I love the way this stays perfectly tucked into my skirt. We all know how important it is for me to have a beautiful tuck. And it has snaps so I don’t have to get naked every time I pee! I would love to wear it with so many more outfits. Guys, I think this fall is gonna be the Autumn of the Bodysuit.

At the same time that I bought the bodysuit, I bought these killer heels! I’ve been wanting to get black heeled boots for the longest time. These called to me in the store. To be honest, even though I looked and felt bangin’, these were sooooo high. Of course, I chose to break them in on the day I needed to run all around campus in fifteen minutes right before class, so that wasn’t a great experience. But I wanna wear them more! I switched them out for black Converse later in the day.

When I got cold, I wore my Clunkster Grey Sweater, and I thought it looked pretty cute. I loved how straight my hair was, and I liked how my makeup turned out too! I felt comfy and cute all day.