The Clunkster



Vest. Shirt (similar). Jeans. Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Sunglasses (similar).

You guys, once the puffer vest comes out, you know it’s officially fall. It’s the classic long-sleeved shirt, puffer vest, jeans, and boots. The outfit is kind of a cliche for a reason. It’s the perfect transition outfit. It’s getting a little more chilly, so people wear longer sleeves. Since you want more protection around your chest, you pick a cute vest that usually has really big pockets. Jeans and boots are just staples of fall.

In my little Clunkster version of this classic outfit, I wore a super tight shirt, MIchael Kors vest, classic skinny jeans, and my workboots. Since my hair was gross, I threw it up in my half-up-half-down, and I kept jewelry and makeup normal.

There’s not much to say about this. It’s relatively “basic,” but I feel cute and that’s what matters.