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jacket. bodysuit. pants (by just-one). boots. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off your purchase!).

Brace yourselves: I’m not wearing black leggings.

Don’t worry, I haven’t (completely) lost my mind, I’m just trying to switch things up a bit! I’m always on here complaining about things I have that I love but never wear, so I decided to actually do something about that and wear these adorable funky pants that an ex got me as a birthday present. I may have bad taste in boys, but they have great taste in presents!

Usually I wear these leggings with a black crop top, but this time I wore a bodysuit, and I really loved the way it looked. I’ve actually never worn these pants with black boots before either, so I was really pleasantly surprised.

I topped this look off with my new denim jacket, which I’ve been absolutely obsessed with since I got it. I’ll spare you the details and profess my love for it in another post.

And last but not least, I wore my round Sunice sunglasses that I’m also obsessed with. I thought I lost them the other day and almost cried.

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot more patterned pants around here. Where do you buy funky pants? Let me know in the comments!

pajamas, but make them bougie

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slip (similar). flannel (from Eddie Bauer). boots. perfume. lipstick (in Sanctuary).

Happy Hump Day, my lovely readers! Here’s a look I’ve been holding onto for a while. Last semester, I went to a Met Gala pajama party. Yup, you read that right. The theme was essentially fancy loungewear. Since I was actually a huge fan of the look I went with, I wanted to share it with you all.

True to my style, I kept things pretty grungy. I got this slip to wear to my 20th birthday party, and wore my black tights because ya girl was freezing. My flannel kind of acted like a wrap. I loved the way it looked with the dress! I wore my black Timberlands and dark lipstick, then partied the night away.

I looooove theme parties! It’s so fun to get creative and go all out with your look. Obviously, I love to play dress-up. The birthday party that I wore this slip to originally was 1920s themed, and my apartment threw an awesome 1970s party last year. I showed up to a Paris-themed mixer dressed as a French fry to find that my Little had done the same! That’s some sorority magic in my opinion.

What’s the best theme party you’ve been to, and what did you wear? Let me know in the comments!

i'm feeling lucky

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sweatshirt. leggings. boots. perfume. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off!).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, loves! I hope everyone had a fun holiday weekend. I went to a couple parties and spent some time with some people I’m ~lucky~ to have in my life.

Speaking of things I’m grateful for, where would I be without my girl Halsey? If you haven’t already gathered from the amount I wear this sweatshirt, I’m a huge Halsey fan. She also happens to make amazing, comfy merchandise that I wear to death. I got some yucky stuff on this sweatshirt not too long ago, but I went to town with some stain remover and now she’s as good as new :’)

Another piece of clothing that I’m lucky to have is my fuzzy leggings, which I also post about way too much! I wore jeans for the first time in a while last week, and I was reminded of why I’m always in leggings. Jeans make me feel so restricted and uncomfortable, even if they do look cute! Now that the weather’s getting nicer, I’ll probably start transitioning into lighter leggings and my denim shorts. But these babies will always be a ride or die for me.

I topped off this look with my black Timbs, Killer Queen perfume, and Sunice Sunglasses. I’m so happy to be an ambassador for this awesome brand! If you’re planning on snagging these adorable sunnies, use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off your order ;)

What pieces of clothing are you lucky to have? Let me know in the comments!

olive theory

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shirt (similar). leggings. boots. lip crayon (in Outback Oasis). perfume. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off your order!).

Hey cuties! I hope your February is going well so far. My sorority sisters and I watched the Super Bowl together last night, and we had so much fun! I truly don’t know what I’d do without them. They made the most boring game in the world so funny.

This olive button-down shirt is one of my favorites, but as I say so often, I don’t wear it enough! I think it’s because one time I underestimated how heavy the fabric was and wore it on a way too hot day. I showed up somewhere and didn’t realize until later that I had the biggest pit stains! Now I make sure to wear it when I know I’ll be in a non-sweaty environment, which is pretty unpredictable. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. I should start wearing it more this winter.

I wore my fleece-lined leggings and tan Timberlands, which I’ve been living in lately. I did some light makeup and straightened my hair. These glasses are from Sunice Glasses, too! They’re called The Club, and I love them so much. They’re similar to a pair of sunglasses I used to have that broke, may they rest in peace. Check out all of the sunglasses on Sunice’s website, and be sure to use my code, CLUNKSTER25, for 25% off your order! Then DM me and tell me which ones you got!!!

This week, I challenge you to wear something you haven’t worn in a while. If it doesn’t spark joy, Marie Kondo it! Have a great day!

got denim?

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vest  (similar).  turtleneck  (similar).  leggings .  boots .  perfume .  lip crayon  (in Glacé).  sunglasses  (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off!).

vest (similar). turtleneck (similar). leggings. boots. perfume. lip crayon (in Glacé). sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off!).

Nope. None. Well, that’s an exaggeration. I have a ton of pairs of Charlotte Russe jeans in all different colors that I tell myself I’ll need to wear at some point in my life. Sometimes, I do! Just two months ago I wore my blue jeans for a photoshoot for work, and last Halloween I wore my tan jeans when I was Rey from Star Wars. But aside from when I take them out to play, my jeans always stay in the chest of clothes that I only wear once in a blue moon.

I don’t have anything against jeans, I’ve just always had a problem finding some that fit me perfectly. I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of baggy boyfriend jeans for a while now with no luck (if you know of a good pair, tell me in the comments!). I have a small waist, big butt, and thick thighs, so jeans just aren’t comfortable. I stockpiled all those pairs of Charlotte Russe jeans because they fit me the best.

But skinny jeans aren’t as cute as they once were, and I obviously prefer leggings. I wore this look to a Denim themed mixer (the last one I ever went to, RIP), and I’m pretty proud of how I dressed the theme while not dressing it at all. Believe me, I was really making the effort to wear jeans, but I was just thinking about having to peel them off of me when I got home later that night, and I knew that leggings were the way to go. I was so so comfortable and extremely warm! These fleece lined leggings will have my heart forever, to be honest.

I wore my black turtleneck and black boots, and last but not least, my denim vest. I got this from dELiA*s a while back and I’m so disappointed that I haven’t worn it more, so shoutout to our social chairs for bringing it back from the dead!

As far as my hair and makeup went, I kept things fun and basic with a half-up-half-down look and some pretty neutral makeup. I wore one of my new favorite lipstick colors that I’ll be reviewing soon!

What’s your favorite mixer theme? Let me know in the comments (and I’ll tell Gamma’s social chair)!

hopeless and freezing


sweatshirt. leggings. boots. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off!). lipstick (in Sanctuary).

Happy Hump Day! I hope so badly that you’re staying toasty in this arctic weather. I don’t know why I made the decision to move to a cold place instead of running away to Florida or California, but you know what they say, the grass is always greener. You guys are probably sick of hearing me complain about the weather by now.

One way I stay cozy in these sub-zero temperatures is by wearing this sweatshirt and never taking it off, ever. I got it for Christmas last year and I wear it literally all the time. I love it so much because it’s Halsey merch, but also because it’s so big and cozy, which keeps me nice and warm. I like to layer shirts underneath it too so I’m extra warm.

Another is by wearing my fuzzy leggings to death! I have a gazillion pairs because they’re seriously a ride or die item for me. They’re high-waisted too, which gives me another half layer on my torso. Every little barrier against the cold helps!

My Timbs are really great in the cold too since they have a ton of traction against the snow. They’re really weather-resistant, too. And they go with everything. Timberlands take up a chamber of my heart.

I style this sweatshirt and leggings in a lot of different ways, but this is definitely one of my favorites. My Kat Von D lipstick just looks awesome with this sweatshirt, so I love to wear them together a lot. What are some winter items you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

you fit me better than my favorite sweater

Outfit of the DayKristenComment

Hey, angels! I hope this week has been awesome for everyone. I’ve been a little stressed with finals and life itself, but I’m pushing through, one nap at a time! In the meantime, I figured I’d share a look I’ve been wearing basically non-stop for a while now. I’ve been ridiculously into bodysuits lately, and I always love my high-waisted leggings.

I haven’t talked a whole lot about my new favorite sweater yet! I got it on a trip to the Duluth Trading Company’s headquarters in Burlington, MA with my dad! It’s where he gets a lot of his flannels, so a couple of my flannels are from there. I got this sweater in an extra large, so it was comfy and cozy. The next size up was way too big. But it’s so warm and comfy and I can’t take it off! I’ll make any excuse to wear it and I have been.

I went with my lighter Timberlands to add some ~color~ to the look. My hair is a little curly because I left it in a bun overnight! I really love when that happens.

Do you have a sweater you can’t stop wearing? Let me know in the comments!

happy birthday to meee


tights. heels (similar).

Hey hey hey! I hope you all had a lovely week. It was my 21st birthday on Wednesday! I feel very old, let’s not talk about it. Instead, let’s talk about the cute outfit I wore when I went out to dinner with my parents to a ~fancy restaurant~. This is one of my favorite looks lately! I wore it to HerCampus’ College Fashion Week (which was so fun I need to dedicate an entire post to it sometime soon). It doesn’t look it, but it’s actually really warm, so it’s perfect for dressier events when I don’t wanna freeze completely.

Call me Steve Jobs, my black turtleneck is my ride or die. I tucked it into my denim skirt and wore my black tights. I also wore my new grey sweater, aka the love of my life, which made things extra cozy and made the look juuust a bit more casual.

For College Fashion Week, I wore this look with my beautiful black heels, but when I went out to dinner I wore my tan Timberlands. I absolutely love this look with the heels, but I was tired and the tan boots looked cute too. Heels sometimes require effort that I just can’t give. Like I said with the sweater, the boots brought everything down a notch without killing the vibe.

Since I was getting ~fancy~, I actually did my makeup (I know I’m shocked too) and straightened my hair! I forget how much I love getting all dolled up until I get myself to do it.

What’s an outfit that makes you feel awesome? Let me know in the comments!

fairies wear boots

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jersey (no clue, I'm sorry!). leggings. boots. lipstick (in Sanctuary).

Happy Thursday! Or as I like to call it, Friday Jr. I used to hate Thursdays because I thought they were a tease. You’re almost to the weekend, but not quite there yet. But back when I was in school, I didn’t have class on Fridays, so my weekends began when I got out of class on Thursdays at 5:45pm, which made Thursdays a lot more fun.

Here’s one of my new favorite looks that I’m so pumped to share with you all. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about it here, but my dad raised me on heavy metal, so while it may not look like it, I really appreciate bands like Judas Priest, Dio, and, of course, Black Sabbath. My dad found this awesome hockey jersey, and he bought it for me because he’s one of the most amazing humans on this planet. You can’t see the back, but instead of a name it says “The End,” and the jersey number is 666. This is probably one of the coolest things I own.

I finished off the look with the usual: leggings and black boots. I left my hair a little messy, and put on my dark lipstick to match the Sabbath vibe. I tend to highlight cool pieces like these by keeping everything else in the look relatively simple. I think if I did anything more it would be a bit overboard.

Later, I went to Chipotle, and the guy making my bowl told me that I looked like a Wiccan. I said, “Thanks! Can I have brown rice?” I’ll take it as a compliment! What’s your favorite metal band? Let me know in the comments!

serenget-it together, weather

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top. bralette. flannel (my dad's!). leggings. timberlands

Hello hello! This look is another product of a half-cold, half-warm day. I put on this Serengetee top because I love the floral pattern on the pocket. It reminds me of happy, tropical times in the sun instead of bundling up to take a walk to the supermarket. Its colors looked really great with my electric blue flannel! I also wore my high-waisted leggings, bralette, and lighter Timberlands.

I kept my makeup light and put my hair up in a braided ponytail because my hair was not cooperating. I have a bunch of hairstyles that I automatically flock to when my hair looks horrible, and this is one of my favorites. Most of them involve braids. I was thinking of making a how-to post about all of them, so if you’d be interesting in reading something like that, let me know!

I really love this look though, and it’s one I definitely wanna wear more. In general, if there’s something you guys want to see or read, feel free to let me know in the comments, or send me an email or DM! I’d love to hear from you!!!

Thankfully, it looks like the nicer weather is here to stay, at least for a little bit. Fingers crossed! 

"vintage, super cute!"

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tank top (my uncle's!). bralette. leggings. timberlands. sunglasses (similar).

It was warm last week! I wore a tank top! Well, it’s a huge tank top, but it doesn’t have sleeves! That’s a start! This is actually my uncle’s. He passed away this past summer, so I inherited a lot of his clothes. I wore my bralette underneath, which I especially needed because the sleeve openings are super low (which I love).

I wore my high-waisted leggings, and my lighter Timberlands. I basically looked like my uncle when he went to work, especially when he had long, brown hair like me. My makeup was super light, and I sea salt sprayed my hair! The combination of the tank top and natural hair and makeup keeps things casual and cute! I wore this to my friend’s dance show.

I feel like I say it every time, but I just can’t wait for more summer-y looks! It’s been cold for five months straight now and it’s getting annoying! Summer’s my favorite season. What’s yours? Comment below!

looking good, feeling good

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top. bralette. leggings. boots. perfume. lipgloss (in Sanctuary). 

Happy Thursday! I’ve been waiting for the weekend for what seems like forever. It’s that wonderful time of year when all of my classes give me a ton of work at once. Thankfully, things will slow down a little after tomorrow.

I’m so excited to share this look with you guys! It’s one of my favorites. This Serengetee top is definitely one of my favorite things that I own, and I was so happy it was nice enough to wear it with my bralette on this particular day. I love the way their crop tops look with my high-waisted leggings!

To complete the look, I wore my darker Timbs, Kat Von D lipgloss, and Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume, because as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I barely own any colors and I love to convey some darker vibes in my looks. I didn’t brush my hair, so it looked wavy and messy just how I like it.

I always talk about how your clothes should represent how you feel, and that you should always feel good in what you’re wearing. I feel so comfortable and myself in this look, and I ended up having an amazing day. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, you have a better outlook on the day, and you’re happier and more productive.

Kick some ass today, gorgeous!


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turtleneck (similar). leggings. flannel (from my dad's closet). timbs. lipgloss (in sanctuary)

Hello hello! I think if this post taught me anything, it's that I have absolutely no colors in my closet. Seriously! I think my mission for the spring/summer will be to let more colors into my life. It's not that I don't like colors, I just don't usually utilize them in my wardrobe! I have light skin and dark hair, so I tend to float towards the dark side a bit more. But who know what'll happen! Stay tuned hehe...

This is close to a look I posted just last week. I talked a lot in that post about how I like neutral looks with cool outerwear, so I did that again with a different flannel. This is one of my go-to looks because it's really easy to style. It's quick, neutral, and you can basically wear it with any sort of hair or makeup. Have a lovely Tuesday!

yes, another flannel

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flannel (i have no clue i'm so sorry). shirt (i think it's armani?). leggings. boots. lipgloss (in cairo). 

Hello my loves! Here’s an outfit I’ve been wearing a lot lately. I love it so much because it’s chill, comfy, and warm. I think it’s the perfect snowy day outfit because it keeps me warm, but lets me chill out and be comfy cozy. Essentially, I can feel curled up in front of my fireplace when I’m actually in a lecture that Emerson didn’t cancel!

I started with this plain, long-sleeved white shirt that used to be my cousin’s. It’s a little bit looser, and soooo comfortable. I wore it with my typical warm black leggings and one of my dad’s flannels he gave me a while ago. I love the color and pattern of this one, and it’s super soft! I typically wear this one with this shirt because they complement each other really well, and because they’re just so cozy together. It’s like an explosion of softness.

Last but not least, I wore my tan boots and my matching tan scarf, which I briefly lost in the Providence mall two weeks ago and cried until I found it outside Nordstrom. This super squishy, soft scarf is the cherry on top of this beautifully cozy ensemble.

I also love this look because it can be worn with really any hair and makeup since it’s so understated. Today I chose to let my hair down and went with a more natural makeup look, but I’ll also wear this outfit a lot on super lazy days with my hair in a bun and a bare face, and it still looks great!

Everyone has that one outfit that makes them feel warm and cozy even on the coldest, wettest days, and I’m so happy I got to share mine with you! How are you staying warm this winter? Let me know in the comments!

what season is it???: winter/spring 2018 edition

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top (no longer being sold at Urban Outfitters). bralette. leggings. boots. perfume

Happy Saturday! Boston’s warming up just a bit, and it may be wishful thinking, but I decided to celebrate the temperature’s ascent into the fifties by showing some skin! I love my cozy sweaters and scarves, but I’ve missed wearing crop tops!

This is one of my favorite tops. I know I’ve shared it before, but I’m absolutely obsessed. I think it really matched the particular day’s vibe. It was sunny and bright, but still a little windy and chilly, even though we’re supposed to be in full spring mode by now. One of my favorite parts about this top is the pocket! It’s a little hidden since the shirt is so flowy (which I also love), and it holds a lot. I just love the way this shirt feels on my body, and how it makes me feel when I wear it!

I wore my leggings and lighter boots, as well as some more understated makeup since my top was so busy. I used sea salt spray on my noncooperative hair, and I was so happy with how it looked. I wanted to go to the beach, not class!

This look is perfect for this weird transitional period between seasons. I did wear my heavy jacket, and threw on a loose grey sweater when classrooms got cold. I’m so excited to be breaking out crop tops again!!!

black and blues

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turtleneck (similar). flannel. leggings. boots. lipgloss (in Sanctuary). perfume

Hi hi! Today’s look is one of my new favorites. My lovely father gave me more flannels! He’s the greatest. The two he gave me are actually thicker than what I’m used to, which has been great throughout this winter. Sometimes I can get away with one of these and a jacket or sweatshirt underneath! The other flannel is red, while this one is electric blue. I don’t wear it as much as my red one because it’s so bright, but I love it just the same!

Today, I decided to wear my flannel over an all-black outfit. I really like wearing a plain black turtleneck and leggings and adding some cool outerwear, like a flannel or sweater. It makes this piece pop and gives you endless opportunities for shoes, hair, and makeup! On this particular day, I stuck with my lighter Timberlands, tight braids (you do not want to see what my hair was trying to do), and some darker makeup. I hadn’t gotten fully made-up at any point the week I wore this, so it was nice to feel a little functional again. As I always say, if you look good, you feel good!

broken spoke

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shirt (limited edition from Uncle Johnny's closet! but here's the saloon). turtleneck (similar). leggings. boots. sunglasses

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm Irish, so my family always spent this holiday together through the years. My grandma used to make the best Irish Soda Bread! I'm actually home again this weekend to see the heavy metal band Judas Priest with my parents for my dad's Christmas present! I'm really excited for the concert, and I'm so happy I get to spend some quality head-banging time with my mom and dad. 

Since my uncle passed away, I've been wearing a lot of his old clothes because they're super cool just like him! He got this one at the Broken Spoke Saloon, which is a bar around where my uncle used to ride his motorcycle. I held onto it because it was really cool, but also because I know it meant a lot to him. I don't know if you guys can see from the pictures, but the front is really simple, with just a pocket with a picture of a skeleton pumping gas and the words "Broken Spoke" over it. I like the back more. which kinda sucks when I'm wearing a jacket or flannel. But I still love the pocket!

I've been wearing my uncle's bigger shirts over my black turtleneck to stay warm, and because it just looks cool. Because this shirt is lighter than what I usually wear, I kept everything else pretty dark. I left my hair a bit messy, and kept my makeup pretty light. This is a pretty simple look, but one I love a lot! Enjoy your holiday everyone, please drink responsibly! 

cozy badass

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sweatshirt. leggings. boots. lipgloss (in sanctuary). 

I'm so excited to share this look with you guys! My parents have been making fun of me because I wear this outfit all the time. I got this Halsey sweatshirt for Christmas, and I fell in love. I originally asked for it so I could wear it as a dress, but it was a little too short. I ended up loving it as just a sweatshirt though! It's so soft and extra cozy because it's so big. 

My black leggings are perfect to wear with this sweatshirt because they're just black and simple, like my Timbs. I love doing my makeup when I wear this look though! I usually go with my Kat Von D lipgloss and play with the colors in my Urban Decay NAKED3 palette. The rose gold colors look so great with this lip color!

Overall, I love this look because it makes me feel like a badass, like Halsey, but it's so comfy (and warm!) that I really feel like myself. Thus, I've named this look "Cozy Badass." To all my other cozy badasses out there, I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! 

wild hogs

Outfit of the DayKristenComment

turtleneck (similar). flannel. leggings. boots. lipgloss (in sanctuary). 

New flannel alert! This one isn't a hand-me-down, but it's not a women's flannel. My parents know me too well. For Christmas, they searched for a Harley Davidson big men's flannel that I'd like, and they chose the perfect one :') Aren't they the best? For those of you who are new here, I've grown up in a Harley Davidson family, and I wear their merchandise with pride. 

You can only kinda see it in the pictures, but one side of the flannel has the Harley Davidson shield. It also says "Harley Davidson" across the upper back, which is super badass. Even though this flannel isn't old or worn, it's actually really soft and comfortable. I really love wearing it! I also really love the color. I have another red flannel, but it's really bright. This is more chill and muted.

The color goes with my Kat Von D lipstick perfectly! Ah, my Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, love of my life. Because these two colors existed perfectly together, I decided on muting the rest of my look. I wore a black turtleneck, black leggings, and black boots. I think this really let the two maroon colors pop and play off each other really well. And as a bonus, I was really comfortable. 


Outfit of the DayKristenComment

jersey (i don't know i'm sorry!). turtleneck (similar). leggings. boots. perfume

Everyone has those days when they search through their full closet and feel like they have nothing to wear. I had one of those days last year, so one of my suitemates gave me his San José Sharks jersey. I ended up loving it and wearing it all the time. I'm surprised I haven't posted about it until now! I actually got a boy's number on the T because I was wearing this jersey. He thought I was from California like him, and I'm not, but I got a boyfriend out of it! Thanks, Sharks!

I like wearing this jersey when its cold because it's surprisingly warm. All the patches make the jersey kind of heavy. It's fine when I wear it alone, but on colder days like today, I wear my turtleneck underneath and it still looks good. I wore my heavy, fleece-lined leggings, and my new Timberlands! I still need to make a post worshipping the two pairs of boots I just got for Christmas. 

And, I wore one of Katy Perry's perfumes, Killer Queen: Royal Revolution. For those of you who are familiar with the rest of Katy's fragrances, this one is like a mix of Killer Queen and Purr. I really love it! Lately, I've been wearing INDI, but I decided to switch it up a bit. Overall, I was super comfortable and warm today. I'm happy I could finally share this jersey with you all!