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Under Eye Concealer Review


What happens when I run out of makeup? I buy more, except it’s usually different so I can review it.

What I Was Using: e.l.f. Complete Coverage Concealer (in Light)

What I’m Using Now: NYX Dark Circle Concealer

I really only use concealer for under my eyes, since I’m Italian and perpetually exhausted. I don’t really care about covering the other unflattering areas of my face. My e.l.f. concealer is awesome, but when I found this NYX concealer that’s made especially for under the eyes, I decided to give it a try.

At first, I was a little skeptical since I was confused as to how this concealer would be better for under my eyes than another one. When I opened the little thingy, the color was way darker than I expected, which kind of scared me. When I put it on my face, it still looked super dark, but once I stepped back it looked great and covered my circles almost completely. It lasted pretty well throughout the day too! I’m so happy I found this.

This works with my regular foundation and my BB cream too! I’ve also started wiping off the excess on my brush onto tiny zits, and they’re covered almost completely, so that’s a bonus.

Everyone tells me about how great NYX is, and after trying this, I could understand why. I would definitely love to try more NYX products in the future.

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