The Clunkster

Comfort is Bliss


Sweatshirt (no longer being sold). Leggings (similar). Bandeau. Sneakers (no longer being sold). 

After yesterday's mishap (to say the least), I decided that today I would be going relatively natural. It took me forever and an excess amount of tissues to take off all that makeup, and some was still around my eyes when I woke up. Today was a relatively chill day, so I decided to embrace the complete opposite of Him. 

I threw on some leggings because leggings are my best friend, which automatically made me feel ten times better. I also found this cute shirt sweatshirty thing that's actually not like a sweatshirt at all since it's super light and has low sleeve openings which you will soon learn are my favorite things in the wooooooorldddd!!! I love showing off my bras and bandeaus. I don't think I've ever worn this shirt(?), but I do remember seeing it in Charlotte Russe and being like I WANT THAT! I paired these cute items of clothing with my favorite sneakers and some messy hair. 

Jewelry was normal, except my neck was too high to wear a necklace (I mean I could but it would probably look weird) and I only wore one Pura Vida, a black and silver one that I stole from my mom! 

Obviously, I went in a completely different direction with my makeup compared to yesterday! My foundation was much lighter than usual and I used a very little amount of mascara. 

I really loved how urban this look was! Since I moved to Boston, my outfits have been less girly and more urban. I wear more neutral colors, sneakers, boots, and hats. Sometimes, I just feel better when I'm flowery and cute. Other times, I'm more comfortable in slouchy clothes. 

I think this outfit is proof that as long as you're comfortable, you really will look good. Yesterday, I completely stepped out of my comfort zone and felt SO weird, which registered in the way I wore my outfit. Looking in the mirror today, I just felt great, and I think it really shines through. I wanted to go out and show off how happy I looked. My ass looked great, my hair was wavy, and I was just really comfortable! 

I use my clothes to show how I feel inside. When you're not comfortable, you're not happy. Moral of the story: wear what you want. If it makes you happy, wear it. Even if it's clunky.