The Clunkster

New Favorite Outfit


Hat. Sunglasses (similar). Sneakers. Tank Top (just a basic white tank top you can get anywhere). Shorts

Okay guys, it's official: I found MY outfit for the summer.

You know how every now and then you come across an outfit so cute, comfortable, and completely you that you just HAVE to wear it all the time? To events you need to look relatively decent for, meetings in which you need to showcase yourself, places you know you'll be meeting new people, etc. Well, I found another one of those for me. 

Today, I went bike riding on the boardwalk with my mother, so I knew that I needed to wear lightish clothes so I wouldn't be super sweaty. I chose these high-waisted denim shorts that I haven't worn in forever (it's summer!!!). My legs were freshly shaved and ready to go. Then, I picked out this regular white tank top that I usually wear under other shirts or along with a jacket or something, but I figured, it's summer, so why not?

After going back and forth between black Converse and white Converse, I eventually chose white since they matched my tank top, and I'm happy with my choice! Last time I went bike riding I wore flip-flops and it was really difficult to stay on the pedals, but the sneakers made things so much easier. I did get a mani/pedi earlier in the day (my toes are yellow and my fingers are black with a lime green accent on the ring finger!) so I wore flip-flops for that, but then I put my sneakers back on when I got to the beach. I generally like sneakers better anyway. 

What completed the look was one of my favorite things ever: my Emerson Dad baseball hat. 

I have an immense amount of pride for Emerson College (where I go to school!) and I've been loving this new trend of calling our friends moms and dads. As time has progressed, I've become more and more of a dad. What better way to commemorate my love for my college AND my newfound Dad status than by buying an Emerson Dad hat?! I knew I had wanted to try baseball hats, and I'm so happy I did because I wear them with some really cool outfits. Backwards baseball hats just take everything to a new level of 90s. It's a different kind of urban, a slightly rebellious, girl down the street sort of thing. 

In addition to my cool ass hat, I wore my normal jewelry and Pura Vidas that PERFECTLY matched my outfit. I LOVE when things match perfectly. I have a blue bracelet, a purple bracelet, and a purple AND blue bracelet. The shades matched perfectly with my shorts and hat. I added my new black and silver beaded one (that I'm actually more in love with than I thought I would be) and it seriously completed my look. I was at the beach too, so that made it absolutely perfect because Pura Vidas are actually meant to be worn in water. When you first get them they're a little more waxy and structured, but as you wear them more, especially in water, they get a little more broken in. (Remember, if you use my code KristenBruck20 at checkout at, you get 20% off! You're welcome!) 

I wore minimal makeup since I was sweaty and at the beach, and I left my hair really wavy. The cool thing about baseball hats is that they make bad hair days look like good hair days! 

I felt amazing in this outfit soaring down the boardwalk on my cute little bicycle. I was super comfortable and the clothes hugged all my curves in all the right places. When I got cold, I put on a light, grey jacket that also looked really cute tied around my waist. My aesthetic was completed when my mom and I bought AMAZING acai berry smoothies. 

Keep Clunkin'!