The Clunkster

Matchy Clunky


Tank Top (I honestly have no clue where I got this I'm so sorry). Bandeau. Sandals (no longer being sold at Payless). Jeans. Sunglasses (similar).

Today, I went to a huge family dinner at a nice restaurant! I needed to look nice, but I also wanted to put yesterday’s purchases to good use. So, I chose to wear my white jeans! One reason I bought white jeans yesterday was because lately I’ve been picking out tops and realizing that I haven’t worn them because they would only go well with white pants, which I didn’t have.

Lots of people think it’s really courageous to wear white pants, but I don’t really care. One thing most people are afraid of is their underwear showing through their pants. A solution is to wear underwear that matches your skin tone! You can’t see your skin through the white, so you won’t see the skin-colored fabric underneath either. That goes for bras too! Most people wear white bras under white shirts, but your best bet is to wear a skin-colored one for the same reason. Others are afraid because, you know, periods. I was sort of expecting mine today, so I threw in a tampon and put on a panty liner as precautionary measures. And if I did get my period, I’d be like whatever, being a woman is the greatest accessory ever can I get a hell yeah ladies?! I probably wouldn’t wear white pants if I had my period, but honestly, who gives a shit?

Since I have white pants now, I paired them with this light blue top that I haven’t worn in forever, It’s sheer, and the entire back is blue lace. It’s adorable! I wish I wore it more often. Instead of wearing a bra, I wore a white bandeau to match my pants. I think it looked really good! At first, I left it out, but for some reason I decided to see what it would look like tucked in and I actually loved it, Here we go again with my levels...

I was planning on wearing nude heels, but then I realized that my toenails perfectly matched my top, so I went with silver sandals instead. They matched my silver jewelry, which I kept basic. My blue Pura Vida is the same shade as my shirt, so I went with that one and my black one to match my kimono.

Since I knew it would be chilly in the restaurant, I chose to wear this kimono that I love but haven’t worn in a while. The white arrows matched my pants and bandeau, which also happened to match my nails! I also wore white sunglasses with silver lenses.

This look was completely matchy-matchy, which I love to do every once in a while. This was one of those looks that I looked in the mirror and just felt really great about what I was wearing. Always a good sign!

Stay matchy!

-The Clunkster