The Clunkster

Charlotte Russe Jeans Haul


These Refuge Hi-Waist Skinny Jeans can be found at Charlotte Russe!

I’ve expressed how much I love going shopping before. When I walk into a store, my heart sings, my worries fall off of my shoulders, and I feel like I’m flying. So, imagine how I felt when I walked into Charlotte Russe to find that they were having a buy one get one for $10 sale on jeans today. Freakin. Magical.

Let me tell you guys something about Charlotte Russe jeans. I’m in love with them. First of all, they’re high-waisted, and we know how much I love high-waisted things. Second, they come in sooooooo many different colors, it’s insane. They stretch like leggings but fit like jeans. The only downside is that they don’t have front pockets, but when you have such a difficult time finding jeans that fit you, sometimes you need to compromise.

Not only was there a sale, but they had every color I wanted IN MY SIZE. I’m a 6, but for some reason, Charlotte Russe never seems to have that size. I would buy online, but I like buying jeans in person for some reason. 

So, I walked out of Charlotte Russe with not one, not two, but six pairs of jeans. And I saved $70!!! My mother taught me from a young age the importance of shopping during sales, and I have definitely put that knowledge to good use.

As a result, there will be lots more styles on The Clunkster! I’m super excited to be experimenting with my look a little bit more. Stay tuned, and get to Charlotte Russe ASAP!