The Clunkster



My looks every day are usually well thought out and put together. I think I’ve only posted one or two on here that were things I just kind of threw on. I put a lot of thought into a lot of what I wear, including my chillwear (I think I just invented that term) and pajamas. So, I thought it would be cool to post one of those looks.

You guys know that I’m a big fan of wearing boys clothes! I got these Vegas boxers for Christmas and they’re super comfortable. They’re also great to wear with leggings because they don’t leave panty lines, which is always a plus. I really want this other pair that has a picture of a banana that looks like it’s hanging out of the penis-hole thing. These boxers are awesome to wear to bed, but also just to hang out in. I’m trying to find a way to wear these in public. Hmmm…

And how can you go wrong with a basic white T-shirt? I think it looks cool with these boxers since there’s so much going on down there. Obviously, I’m not wearing jewelry or makeup since I’m about to go to bed. My hair looks kind of good because I straightened it.

I threw my best bunny friend (BBF) into this picture because it looked really freakin’ cute, and no PJ look is complete without your stuffed companion! I’ve been sleeping with this little booger (almost) every night since I was five.

Sometimes, I really do just throw on whatever I want, but every now and then I put something on and think “Aw, that’s a good look!” This was one of those things, and now that I have this blog, I decided to share it with all of you. I bet a fashion blogger has never done that. But hey, am I even a typical fashion blogger?

Clunky Dreams!