The Clunkster

Opposite Day


Shirt (I have no clue where I bought this I’m sorry). Bandeau. Skirt (no longer being sold at Mystique Boutique NYC). Tights. Shoes (similar).

I’ve been saying a lot lately that I’ve been wanting to take more risks. So today, I went into my closet and picked out a bunch of things that I didn’t think would look good together. I mixed and matched until I found something that actually looked good, and this won!

I started with this skirt, which is one of my favorites that I very rarely wear. It’s high-waisted and very flowy. It’s super cute and comfortable! Usually, I wear this with a hot pink long-sleeved crop top, but I wanted to see what else it could go with. After going through a bunch of things, I picked this shirt that I haven’t worn in a while. It’s all lace, which is super cute! I wore a black bandeau underneath since the theme of this look was mostly black. I tucked the shirt in because when do I ever leave things untucked? But for real, it looked really weird untucked. I also wore nude tights and my cheer spanx because I never wear a dress/skirt without them!

Another risk I took was wearing these adorable heels. I originally bought them for my Sweet Sixteen, but I couldn’t wear them because I hurt my knees (to this day sometimes I can’t wear heels; it just really depends on the day and how they’re feeling). I wore them to my Junior Prom though! I wear them very occasionally since they’re really high so they’re sometimes difficult to walk in, but how can you not love these? They’re so hot! And sparkly! They’re like the dream.

And another risk: my hair. I love how curls look on me, but for some reason I can never do them on myself. I saw a tutorial video on Twitter that showed how to curl thick hair well. You put your hair in

two ponytails in the back of your head and curl them, then take them out and comb through. I really loved it! I’ll definitely be doing it more.

I also messed around with my makeup a bit. I did that eyeshadow thing I learned, except with a nude eyeshadow (like I usually do) and a metallic silver. I really liked it also! I think I did a great job blending so I’m proud of myself. I also went with my pale pink lipstick, which is a little sheer. I liked the way it looked also! I was going to go with my dark ~vampy~ lipstick, but since I was playing the opposite game today, I went with pink! I always forget I have this lipstick. I should totally wear it more. I kept jewelry normal.

I’m not sure if I would actually wear this look to a party, but I definitely like it and would definitely mess around with this little experiment in the future.