The Clunkster



Top (similar). Skirt (no longer being sold at Wet Seal). Shoes. (no longer being sold at Payless). Choker (I ripped the spider off!). 

Charli XCX is my spirit animal. I discovered her last year after I decided that I had to hear more than "Boom Clap," and I fell in love. Charli's no-fucks-given attitude appealed to me. It shines through in her music and in her presence in general. 

Charli's style is similar to her music. It's very girly, but also a bit grungy. Some of her lyrics are sweet and sensitive, but others are brutally honest. Musically, she's like a mix of pop and alternative. It's the type of music that makes you want to jump around your room and sing into your hairbrush, but in an angsty, big-girl way. 

So, when I was feeling angsty today, I got some of Charli's songs stuck in my head. I figured that there was no better way to channel my angst than to steal Charli's look!

I started with this cute schoolgirl-y skirt that I bought a little while ago. I love it because it fits my body type perfectly, highlighting my waist, hips, and butt! Then, I added one of my favorite black crop tops with some cutouts on the sides. It's a little ~risque~, but not too revealing. I added some black heels to make the look equal parts girly and goth and a choker because this is Charli, after all.  I threw my hair in a small pony on the top of my head and left the rest down. I've only seen Charli wear her hair like this once or twice; usually she just parts her hair to the side and keeps it a little messy, but I thought this hair just went with the rest of the look. 

I originally had my varsity jacket picked out to go with this, but I actually liked it a lot better without it. If I were to wear this outfit out and I needed a jacket, I would definitely go with the varsity one, but I liked how you could see a bit more ~skin~ without it.

Doing the makeup for this was so much fun I started with minimal concealer and foundation since Charli's face is usually very light. I added a bit of copper eyeshadow that was a little lighter than what Charli usually wears. Then, I piled on the eyeliner, something I never do. I clumped it up on the outer corners of my eye, which is how Charli does it. I sprinkled a bit of eyeshadow under my eyes, then  used a Q-tip to smear the heavy eyeliner downwards into the eyeshadow. Then, I went back over the liner, making it super dark. It  blended with the smudges perfectly. I only added mascara to the tips of my eyelashes, but generously applied it to my bottom lashes. I ended up getting some mascara under my eyes, but it went withthe look perfectly. To top it off, I used Charli's signature lipstick. I picked red!

I really love this look for two reasons: I look cute and I feel confident. As soon as I put this on, I knew that it would be a new look that I would try to wear more often. These were two of my favorite pieces, but I never thought to put them together until now. Even though these shoes are uncomfortable, I could add black boots or sneakers. I also felt like I could totally take over the world, which Charli sings about in her music. For the first time in a while, I felt hot. I stared at myself in the mirror and sang along with the lyrics to "Sucker," really feeling the part. I just felt like a complete badass. I was sad taking this outfit off.

I'm so happy that this recreation actually worked out, especially after what happened when I tried to recreate Him. I got another really cool outfit out of it, and it gave me a much-needed confidence boost!