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Cruelty-Free Makeup Mini Haul!


All of these products are linked in the post!

My beautiful NARS lipgloss <3

I'm not trying to preach at all, but I'm about to talk about some stuff that I recently learned and am very uncomfortable with. If it makes you severely uncomfortable, feel free to stop reading and skip down to the actual product review! I figured that if I didn't know about this stuff, neither would my readers. In the meantime, be sure to check out @theclunkster on Instagram! 

Recently, I looked a little deeper into what animal testing was and it made me so upset. I didn't realize the amount of harm that the substances that are tested on animals can do. I thought testing was just putting makeup on mice to see if they would break out or something, which still wasn't okay with me, but I figured that there was no way to avoid companies that do test on animals. I was completely wrong. 

I found out that animals who are held captive in testing facilities are injected with substances, forced to inhale certain chemicals, and basically ripped apart. Some of the products that are tested cause animals' skin to be literally burnt off. And it's not just mice, it's bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, farm animals, monkeys, and even cats and dogs. I thought about my innocent little puppy, the one I love more than anything, being tied down and tortured just so my lips would be a different color. These animals never escape, either. Most animals in testing facilities are bred to be tortured and then killed shortly after these harmful tests are conducted. 

After some more research, I found out that there are so many companies (both drugstore and quality brands!) that don't test on animals and are doing just fine. I realized that I've been using products at the expense of other animals when I could be using ethical products from companies that use other ways to test their products, ways that are actually cheaper and more accurate, which I found out after more research. If products are doing these horrible things to animals, there is a chance that these products could have the same reaction on me, which I really didn't like. 

It turns out that I use a lot of brands that do test on animals. Since I'm so protective over my beauty routine, I decided that I would try replace these products with cruelty-free brands as I ran out of things, mostly so I feel a bit more comfortable, but also in an effort to save money. Since I ran out of foundation the other day, I stopped by e.l.f. to check out their cruelty-free foundations. I walked out with foundation, concealer/highlighter, and a vegan foundation brush (which I've never used before!) so this whole experience was really new for me.

Product Review Thing

What I Previously Used: Maybelline FitMe Matte and Poreless Foundation (in Natural Ivory, 112)Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (in Fair, 15)Maybelline Dream Blender

What I'm Using Now: e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation (in Porcelain)e.l.f. Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter (in Glow/Fair)e.l.f. Pointed Foundation Brush

The concealer, which is specific for the under-eyes (where I need it!) was really easy to put on. It was more creamy than what I'm used to , but I liked it. Working with the foundation brush was so much easier than working with a sponge! Applying my makeup felt a lot more natural, and I think it made the look of my foundation more natural as well. The foundation smelled delicious, like some sort of flower. Though the makeup was a little sticky, I think it looked a bit more natural as well. My mom loved how much less cakey it looked, and my dad noticed that my skin looked shinier, which he liked, but I don't know if I do yet. This foundation didn't really cover my pores, but then again I am used to wearing a matte and poreless foundation. 

The foundation and concealer looked great in pictures. I wore them when I rode my bike on the boardwalk and they held up really well even though I was active and it was hot as hell. They held up a little less today at work when I was sweating, but that could also be because I'm all the way at the end of my setting spray so I couldn't set my makeup completely. My under eyes were a little black and smudgey from my mascara which could be from the lack of spray, or because I was wearing more mascara today than I have for the past few days.

Overall, I was really impressed with e.l.f.'s foundation and concealer! I was seriously surprised at how inexpensive their products were. I'm definitely going to have to get used to the change, but I'll keep you guys updated. e.l.f. also has matte foundations, so maybe I'll try that after I run out of this foundation.

Other Products

Since I was so impressed with e.l.f.'s products, today while I was at CVS I picked up their Daily Brush Cleaner and Concealer Brush so under eye application is just a bit easier. I also got a small sample of some sunscreen from Tarte (cruelty-free!) and a sample of Lavanila Pura Vanilla Deodorant (also cruelty-free as well as aluminum free!). I'll let you guys know how everything works out probably sometime next week! 

Oh, I also got my favorite lipgloss in the whole wide world, Striptease by NARS. I've been using it for the past year and a half and I absolutely love it, but it's expensive, so I can only buy it when I have the money. In my opinion, it's totally worth it, and I was shedding happy tears while handing over my money at Sephora.

If you guys have any cruelty-free brands you love, please feel free to comment below! I need suggestions! 

To find out if your favorite beauty brands test on animals, check out PETA's searchable database and Cruelty-Free Kitty's alphabetized list of cruelty-free brands