The Clunkster

Clunky Goes Retro


Shirt (I honestly have no clue where I got this! If I can find it I'll update this. I'm sorry!). Pants. Sneakers. Glasses (similar).

I've been feeling very retro lately. Last night, I made a playlist of kind-of old songs, like songs from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Some are rock-ish, some are pure pop, but they all make me wanna jump up and dance! Maybe that's why, when I walked into my closet today, I pulled out this MTV shirt that I've literally never worn. I used to have an adorable MTV tank top that I wore as often as I could, but one day I lent it to my friend and when she gave it back to me I left it in her boyfriend's suite and I don't know where it is now :(

I really like this top because it's kind of a crop top, but kind of not. It looks like it's a little short on me, but it's just the way it's cut. But it doesn't look weird! It looks adorable with these high-waisted jeans. I basically only wear high-waisted pants. I then wore white Converse because it made everything look a bit cooler for some reason. I totally could've went with black to match the letters, but the white ones were just calling to me. I feel like this is a daily dilemma: black Converse vs. white Converse. My red ones are just chillin' in the corner, all clean and waiting for a time when I need a pop of color.

I straightened my hair today, and I love when my hair is straightened so I loved how I looked. I think that's why I was smiling so big! I just felt really good. I went very light with my makeup, including light mascara. My new e.l.f. foundation makes it really easy to go light without it looking weird. This makeup is so much more natural and I really like it. I feel like it's more natural and fresh-faced than I'm-Not-Wearing-Makeup. Not wearing makeup is totally fine, but I wanted to glow at least a little bit. 

I matched my Pura Vidas with my shirt, as per usual, and ditched the necklace again! I felt like since the shirt was relatively high-necked, a necklace would've looked weird. It might've clunked on into the design and things wouldn't be pretty. Then, to keep up the retro, I went with my round sunglasses. I love those freakin' things, weird bar at the top and all. 

I feel like I've had less and less to say lately, and maybe it's because I'm much more decisive than usual. It's not that I'm not taking risks, but I guess I'm just figuring out my personal style a little bit more. It's a new season that I'm finally setting into, as well as a new mindset. A lot of stuff has been changing lately, and I feel like my look is as well. I guess we'll see what continues to happen! 

Clunky out~ 

(God that was bad I'm so sorry)