The Clunkster

Swimmingly Retro


Swimsuit (no longer being sold at Estelle's Dressy Dresses). Sunglasses (similar). Skirt. Sandals (no longer being sold at Payless). 

Finally back with another look! I’ve been working nonstop for the past few days, and since I wear a uniform, I don’t have a whole lot to post. Today, I’ve got another swimsuit look. This is hands down my favorite bathing suit I’ve ever owned. I feel more comfortable in one-pieces, but sometimes I just don’t feel cute in them. When I’m swimming, I wanna show off my body and have a good time! This suit really makes me feel that way.

Surprisingly, I bought it in a fancy dress shop last year. I love that it’s super retro and fun. It sits high on my hips, which I really love, and since it’s relatively simple, I don’t need to worry about awkward tan lines (like I actually get a tan…). It hugs all my curves, which makes it very flirty.

Whenever I wear this bathing suit, I usually pair it with this adorable skirt. It’s perfect for barbecues when you wanna look cute without having to keep changing clothes. As I’ve mentioned when I’ve worn this skirt other times, since I like when skirts sit higher on my hips, I bobby-pinned the back. I tried placing the skirt in an area that perfectly matches the stripes of the bathing suit. Sometimes people think it’s all one piece!

Usually, I wear my hair in a high pony  with this outfit. People tell me I remind them of Katy Perry, which is the biggest compliment in the world since she’s my idol. I guess I can see what they mean! Katy and I are both into cutesy and retro styles. Maybe it’s a Scorpio thing. For now, my hair is in a little half-up-half-down thing since I have chlorine hair and a high ponytail would just look terrible.

Obviously, since I’m swimming, I’m not wearing makeup. I’m wearing jewelry for the purpose of the look, but usually I don’t swim with jewelry except my Pura Vidas since they look super cute when they get worn out in the water. When I’m not in the water, I wear these cute sandals that keep the look cheeky and go with my silver sunglasses!

Really, this look is perfect for any water activities: pool days, beach days, parties, anything. It’s one of my absolute favorites and I hope you guys like it too!