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Manicure Monday


I have been obsessed with nails ever since I was little. It may be because my mom always got her nails done, but also, who doesn’t love the fact that you can make your fingers different colors?! I’ll never forget my first trip to the nail salon. I got Essie’s Ballet Slippers on my nails. It’s still one of my favorites today!

My nail obsession has never faded. I used to be a wiz with designs, but as school has picked up I just haven’t had the time/energy anymore. I still am very passionate about manicures, however. So, I figured I’d start a little Manicure Monday thread here on The Clunkster.

Today, I’ll be talking about powder gel. Since I’m older now, I usually get gel manicures, which last for two weeks without chipping, for the most part. They also dry instantly. It’s the best! The only thing I didn’t like was that I had to put my hands under UV lights for the nail polish to dry. Even though I put sunscreen on before my manicure, I was still a bit iffy.

Last week, my mom tried a powder gel manicure, and she loved it, so I decided to try it too. It starts off as a normal gel manicure: cut, file, etc. After that, you get a clear coat on your nail, which is then dipped into a small jar of colored powder. Your nail is lightly dusted by a small brush and another clear coat is applied on top. This happens a few times, and then the polish is filed to lock it in. Another clear coat, and you’re all set. After that, you get your usual massage, hot towel, etc.

I absolutely loved this! I plan on getting this from now on instead of the UV gel. It looks and feels just like regular gel polish. It’s been almost a week and still no chips! My accent nail also looks flawless since I literally dipped my nail into a jar of straight sparkles. I love that I didn’t feel like I was harming my nails, and I love that I got the same awesome results.

There is one risk, however. My aunt got this done and she got a small fragment of powder in her eye somehow. She had a reaction, and her optometrist suspected that the powder may be made with some sort of wheat, and she is allergic to gluten. I’m not allergic to anything, but if you are, definitely check out the ingredients before you give powder gel a try!

Like I said, though there are risks with every beauty thing you try, I would definitely recommend powder gel if your nail salon offers it. Let me know how it worked in the comments!