The Clunkster

The Comeback Clunk


Shirt (I have no clue I'm sorry). Shorts. Sneakers. Sunglasses (mine are lighter). 

Finally! I actually got dressed! Sorry for the lack of postage. This has been an extremely crazy week for me, but I am trying my best to keep up! Today, I thought I was going for a bike ride on the boardwalk, but it turned out my parents and I just ate shitty Mexican food. Either way, I’m quite happy with my look.

First, I chose my reliable long-sleeved shirt since I figured it would be kinda chilly on the beach, but since I was going to, you know, the beach, I wanted to wear shorts. Then, I faced a dilemma: tuck or untuck? Tucked looked kinda dorky (and not in a quirky/cute way), but untucked made me look like I wasn’t wearing pants (again, not in a good way). First, I tucked in the front and untucked the back, but it actually looked better when I reversed it. So, it stuck.

My Converse matched my shirt/the lightness of my jeans, so that looks pretty cool. My chlorine-riddled hair made another appearance, but I actually just straightened it two minutes ago and I feel FLAWLESS. For the record, I wore my rounded sunglasses, but I left them in my dad’s car before I took this flatlay. The wooden sunglasses still looked cute though!

I kept jewelry minimal, without a necklace. I also didn’t wear makeup because I didn’t feel like putting it on, to be quite honest. I was happy rocking the natural vibe. Instead, I put my energy into tweezing my eyebrows.

So, my little comeback may be a bit underwhelming, but sometimes it happens. Believe it or not, I do have a life outside clothes (who am I kidding. No I don’t).