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an ode to my floral shorts

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top (similar, mine is from Urban Outfitters). shorts (similar). sandals (similar). perfume. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off your order!)

top (no longer being sold by Zara). shorts (similar). sneakers. perfume. sunglasses (CLUNKSTER25 ;) )

Hello, my friends! I hope you all had a lovely heat wave this weekend. I spent it in the air conditioning eating popcorn and cleaning my apartment. Something about physically cleaning my surroundings always puts me in a better state of mind. I’ve also been in “throw everything away” mode from moving houses, so I’m riding that high for as long as I can.

Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite pairs of shorts with you all. They’re insanely comfortable, not too short, and so versatile. I like to wear them to barbecues and other social events during the summer. Cloth shorts like this and paper bag shorts have been really trendy lately. I need to get my hands on some more pairs, and I’ve been wanting to try bike shorts too! 

Usually, I wear a black top with these. I wore a black bodysuit with them the other day and it looked adorable. The first is a hand-me-down crop top from my cousins that I absolutely love. The cutouts make it so unique and flirty. I love the shape with the shorts. The second is the $5 top I got at Zara that I shared a couple days ago! Right after I posted that look, I realized I lost that shirt :( Please pray that we’re reunited soon! Words can’t describe how passionate I am about this top, to be honest.

Anyway, I chose to wear my gold flip flops with number one (I feel like I’m on Let’s Make a Deal), and my black Converse with look number two. I also paired the looks with different Sunice sunglasses and Katy Perry Fragrances

Where do you shop for shorts? Let me know in the comments!

wear the (disney) world

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top (similar). shorts (similar). bralette. sneakers. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off!). perfume.

Hello hello! For today’s look, I’m throwing it back to Spring Break, when my best friend Kennedy took me to Disney World! I wore this on our last day there :( I was so sad, but we made the most of it! We went to Disney Springs and bought a bunch of souvenirs, I drank a lovely Frosé, and we hopped on a plane back to cold old Boston! It’s warm here now, but words can’t express how disappointing it was to spend a week in the warmest, happiest place on Earth and land in the tundra. 

Anyway, this is one of my favorite summer outfits. I bought this top from Serengetee when I was a rep for them a couple years ago, and I’ve been obsessed with it/them ever since. #NorthOnTopReps for life! I always wear it with this black bralette. During the summer, I love to wear this top with my cloth black shorts. I love the way the shapes of the top and shorts complement each other, and the fact that they’re high-waisted is a bonus. 

I wore my black Converse and Sunice sunglasses literally every day that I was in Disney. If you’re in the market for some summer shades, check Sunice out! They have the cutest, most unique styles, and you can get 25% off your order when you use my code, CLUNKSTER25! 

What’s one of your summer staples? Let me know in the comments!

ultimate squad goals

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top. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (use my code CLUNKSTER25 for 25% off your order!).

If you’re following me on Instagram, you know that I spent my Spring Break in Disney World with my best friend Kennedy! I had so much fun with her, and I wish I could go back every day. So, I figured I’d share some of the looks I wore to the parks with you guys! Here’s one that I wore on our second day, which we spent at Animal Kingdom, Kennedy’s favorite park.

We kicked off our day with the Pandora ride, which absolutely blew my mind. If anything, it’s actually underrated. I highly recommend it. Then we ate french fries while we tried to avoid a swarm of weird looking birds (they weren’t snipes, even though I did flip out when I saw Kevin). We hung out at Dino Land for a while, rode Expedition Everest while the sun was setting, and finished off the evening with a nighttime safari ride. It was so cool!

Since we were at Animal Kingdom, I figured it was the perfect time to break out my “Squad Goals” crop top, featuring, Simba, Timon, and Pumba. I wore my high-waisted shorts, which looked awesome with the cut of the tee, and my neutral flannel since it was a little chilly while we were there. Rude.

When we were in the sun, I wore my adorable Sunice Sunglasses. But when we went on rides with screens, I threw on my blue light glasses. I’ll write a more in-depth review on them another time, but I get super sick when I deal with a lot of screens, and stupidly didn’t wear them on Mission Space, a ride in which there’s a screen pressed against your face as you’re shaken like you’re in space, the day before. It probably would’ve been really fun if I had my glasses. So I wore them the next day, and I felt a lot better.

What’s your favorite ride in Animal Kingdom? Let me know in the comments!

i am your father

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shirt. shorts. flannel (my dad’s, sorry!). sneakers. perfume. sunglasses.

Hey loves! I hope this has been a great week for you all so far. Here’s another look I’ve been holding onto for a bit. Sometimes I miss my old room :( My dad got me this awesome shirt two Christmases ago, so I love to wear it when I see him to make him happy. Isn’t it so cool?!

I don’t know why, but I don’t usually wear outerwear with this shirt. I decided to wear my ~beautiful blue flannel~ and I loved how it looked! I wore my Converse, which I think looked really cool with the black and white of the shirt and shorts.

I always say I need to experiment more with my wardrobe, but I never fully realize how much I need to until I try something new and it works. I went Black Friday shopping the other day and didn’t get one black thing. Not one! I even got a pastel pink sweater. I usually don’t even try things on if they’re not a more muted color, but I really love everything I bought. Maybe I’ll make a post about it!

Do you like Star Wars? Let me know in the comments!

last thursday of september!

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tank (gamma exclusive, sorry babes! but please consider making a donation to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation here). shorts. bralette. sneakers. sunglasses (mine are lighter!). perfume.

Happy Thursday! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted lately, sometimes I need to remember that I’m a student first and I need to get my shit done. My classes are pretty demanding this semester, but I know I’ll get on top of things and back to posting on a regular schedule eventually!

Here’s a cute little look featuring one of my favorite shirts. My sorority (did you guys know I’m in a sorority? I know I never mention it) did a walk for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation a couple years back, and we sold these adorable shirts to fundraise. The back has a big compass that says “Gamma will show you the way.” Hella cute, I love my sisters :’) I cut mine into a tank top because I’m ~hip and cool~, but for real, I really love the way I cut it. This tank is super light and looks great with my black bralette.

In fact, all of the black accessories in this look played off each other really well. My black shorts and black Converse really stood out. My hair was wavy and summery, and I didn’t wear makeup because heat. I wore my wood sunglasses (RIP) and Katy Perry’s INDI! I’m so excited to get her newest fragrance, INDIvisible! You guys will definitely be hearing about it, so stay tuned.

Would you guys like to see some perfume reviews in the future? Let me know in the comments!

last recruitment ever

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shirt (gamma exclusive, sorry bbs!). bralette. shorts. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses (mine are lighter!)

Hey hey hey! I know I’ve only mentioned it about a thousand times, but can you believe it’s already Recruitment season?! I met some of the amazing girls that want to join my family last night and got so much more excited than I already was. I still can’t believe our idea three years ago turned into this :’)

This is our Recruitment shirt from Spring 2017! It’s my personal favorite of our Recruitment shirts. I love the unique cut that helps us ~stand out~. I wore this top with my bralette, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever not worn my bralette with this top. I don’t know what else I’d wear. Maybe a gold bralette? I don’t really want one?

I wore my black shorts and black Converse (is black your favorite color or something?) and let my hair down for the day. I wore Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume that smells as beautiful as it looks, and my wood sunglasses that broke the other day and I am SO SAD let’s not talk about it.

Are you rushing a sorority this semester? Let me know in the comments!

see ya summer

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flannel (it’s my dad’s so i don’t know, i’m sorry!). bodysuit. shorts. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses (similar, mine are lighter!).

Hey, cutie pies! It’s pretty much Fall, which means you’ll be seeing less shorts around here from now on. I do love my shorts, but leggings really have my heart. They’re so much more comfortable and just work with my style really well.

I’m so happy I ended up buying these black shorts! I’m definitely a fan of this midi length, I’ll need to buy more washes and colors next summer. For this look, I went all black, as I do, with my black bodysuit, I also wore my blue flannel, which I showed lots of love to this summer.

As I always say, I’m so here for mixing up tight and oversized clothes. My bodysuit and shorts look great together and contrast really well with baggy flannels like these.

I finished the look off with my white Converse and a good attitude. I definitely have just a couple more shorts looks for you all, but stay tuned for more leggings and sweaters coming soon!

can you tell that i love this flannel

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flannel (no clue, i'm sorry!). shorts. bodysuit. sneakers. perfume.

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the end of the week! Orientation has been awesome, but I’ve been insanely tired. I can’t wait for the weekend so I can sleep in a bit! Then in about a week, everyone starts to get back to Boston and back into the swing of the school year. I still can’t believe this is my last semester. We’re not gonna talk about it.

Here’s another, you guessed it, simple look! I vowed to wear this bodysuit more often, and I have been, so I’m happy I’m out here reaching my dreams and achieving my goals. I paired it with my denim shorts and blue flannel, which I love wearing together. I was just thinking today about how I often wear either big, bulky clothes that I get lost in, or relatively form-fitting, tight clothes. Most of the time, I’ll throw tight and loose items together to create looks like this. It’s just how I’m most comfortable, which makes me most happy!

Last but not least, I wore my white Converse and put my hair in a little low messy bun, which I’ve been wearing a lot more lately. It curls my hair really nicely when I take it out and I’m so about it.

Do you wear loose and big clothes, tight and small clothes, both, or something in between? Let me know in the comments!

a simpler time

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top (no longer being sold by Charlotte Russe). bralette. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (mine are lighter!). perfume.

Hello hello hello! I hope everyone’s doing well. I’m back home on Long Island for a bit, and I’m having a blast! I didn’t realize how much I’d miss Long Island summers since this is the first one I spent in Boston, so it’s nice to come home and do typical Long Islander things and spend time with my family. I feel like I can move on from summer now.

Here’s yet another shirt I don’t wear enough! This color is so beautiful and unique. It looks like a sweatshirt, but the fabric is actually super thin, which is great in the hot weather that the east coast is suffering through. I wore my denim shorts and my black Converse to match my bralette.

I always hate when I don’t have a ton to say about a look, but this one is super simple! I always say that I need to wear more of what’s in my closet, so I’m happy I got to take this top out for a spin. I need to wear it more while the weather is still nice!

Where have you spent this summer? Let me know in the comments!

lit lit lit

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bodysuit (no clue, so sorry!!!). shorts (no longer being sold by Urban Outfitters). sneakers. perfume. lipstick (in Sanctuary).

Happy Thursday, my loves! I hope your week is going well. If not, I’m sorry, and I hope things get better soon. This look is as carefree and lit as I hope you get this weekend! I wore this look to a party we had at our apartment recently. It was the day I got my septum re-pierced, so I wanted to look badass and cool.

I’ve been in love with this bodysuit ever since my cousin gave it to me. It’s so comfortable, especially to go out in. The mesh makes it a little edgy, but the rest of the bodysuit is so simple that it’s the perfect amount of ~scandal~. I also wore these shorts that I obsessed over last week. The cut works perfectly. I love wearing higher waist cuts with bodysuits like this because it really accents my figure. I topped off the look with my black Converse.

I also wore!!! makeup!!! I went kinda dark because why the heck not?! This Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick will always have my heart tbh. I left my hair pretty normal; since I left my hair in a messy bun for most of the day I got a cute lil curl :’)

What are your exciting weekend plans?! Let me know in the comments!

happy august!

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top (similar). bralette. shorts (no longer being sold by Urban Outfitters). sneakers. perfume.

Hello, beautiful people! Happy August! I’m so excited to share this look with you all because I love it so much. I’ve loved this top ever since I got it from Serengetee last year! It looks so cute with this bralette. You can kinda switch things up in a way, depending on how you wear it. I’m a fan of leaving one strap hanging, or pulling the neckline down to show my bralette if I want. I’ve been trying a little bit of both lately, and playing around with a higher neckline and more of a crop top. No matter how you wear it, this top is adorable. I love the pattern so much, and it makes me so sad that they're not offering it anymore! But I linked a couple similar patterns if you click the link under my flatlay ;) 

I’m also pumped because my roommate borrowed these shorts and just gave them back to me! I forgot I had them, to be honest. But I’m so happy I have them back in my life! The cut is very interesting. They’re high-waisted, which I love, obviously, but and very tight at the top, which I also love, but makes things difficult when you’re pulling your pants down to pee. I have a big butt! They’re also a little short, but I just love the way they look. They’re a really cool material too. I honestly don’t know how to describe it, I hope you can kind of tell from the photos. And they have pockets!

I topped this look off with my black Converse and some curly hair! I left my wet hair in a messy bun for a couple days and I got all cute and curly. I milked it for as long as I could!

What’s your favorite Serengetee pattern? Let me know in the comments!

summertime sadness

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flannel (no clue, sorry!). tank. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (mine are lighter!). perfume.

Happy Tuesday, my angels! I hope your weekend was full of fun times and sunshine. It’s really hitting me that summer is coming to an end soon, and I’m getting super sad! I want time to slow down for a bit so I can take it all in, but I know that good things are coming.

Here’s a relatively basic look that I actually wore to a party last weekend! It was super chill, so I wanted to be casual but cute. As I’ve mentioned many times, I love this tank so much! I wore my denim shorts and my favorite blue flannel as well. I love the way the blues complement each other.

I topped this simple look off with my black Converse, and that’s honestly all I have to say! I hate keeping things short, but I feel like this casual look speaks for itself. And to be honest, I’m super proud of this flatlay.

What’s one thing you still need to do before summer ends? Let me know in the comments!


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shirt (similar). shorts. sneakers. sunglasses (mine are lighter). perfume.

Hello hello! I hope your week is going well. It’s almost the weekend!

Today, I’m wearing this awesome Judas Priest shirt and my black denim shorts. As most of you may already know, my dad raised me on heavy metal, and Judas Priest has always been one of his favorites. So, he got us all tickets to see them when they came to Long Island! We had floor seats, and it was legendary. They’re awesome.

I bought this shirt outside the venue. A man pulled it out of his pant leg. It’s lit.

Last but not least, I wore my black Converse, wood sunglasses, and Killer Queen by Katy Perry. I went makeupless as usual these days, and let my hair go natural. I love when it’s wavy but not frizzy, like this!

Are you a fan of any metal bands? Let me know in the comments!

pantsless fountain kingdom

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sweatshirt. shorts. sneakers. sunglasses. perfume.

Hello hello hello! Happy weekend! Is it just me, or has this week gone insanely slow?! I’m happy to be back home on Long Island for a little to relax, eat some pizza and bagels, and spend time with my family and my dog.

I’ve been obsessed with this sweatshirt since I got it! I purposely asked for a massive size because I knew I wanted to bury myself in it all the time. I think part of the reason I love big bulky clothes like this and my flannels is because I’m cozy enough that I could almost curl up into a ball and take a nap if I wanted to!

For this look, I technically forwent (forgoed?) pants, but I’m actually wearing shorts underneath. In a dream world, I wouldn’t be wearing pants at all, but this sweatshirt is juuuust short enough that I need something to cover my butt. I finished off this look with my black Converse and wore Killer Queen by Katy Perry.

Do you like oversized clothes, or clothes that fit properly? Let me know in the comments!

return of the flannel

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flannel (no clue, i'm sorry!). bodysuit. shorts. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses (similar, the linked pair is a bit darker).

Happy Friday! This weekend’s going to be great. I have plans with lots of people I love! I’m an extrovert, so I really thrive off being around people, but lately I’ve been so drained and want more alone time. Being alone is always okay, but sometimes I do miss having more people around! I’m excited for school to start back up again.

I really really love this look! I’ve been trying to wear my bodysuit more. I never give it enough love! I need some different types of bodysuits, maybe in different colors or cuts. If you come across any I’d love, let me know ;)

These shorts look really cute with the bodysuit. Since it was a little windy, I wore my cute purple flannel. I was between black and white Converse for a little, but I settled on the white because of how light my flannel was.

I also wore makeup today because it was finally cool enough to, but I ended up getting an eye infection! I get blepharitis every now and then (it’s lit) so I usually have to lay off of makeup for a while and get new eye makeup and brushes. I’m just pissed because I actually want to wear makeup now! Oh well.

And last but not least, the perfume in this flatlay is Purr by Katy Perry! It was her first fragrance, and it's one of my favorites. I got it for my eighth grade graduation! The bottle is so adorable, and it smells amazing. It's fruity and floral and amazing. 

What’s something in your closet you love but don’t wear enough? Let me know in the comments!

maroon monday

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tank (no longer being sold by Urban Outfitters). bralette. shorts. sneakers. perfume.

Happy Monday! It’s a brand new week full of endless possibilities! I had an awesome weekend and just watched this awesome Ted Talk so I’m in a fantastic mood. I woke up this morning feeling tired and lazy and not wanting to talk to or look at anyone, but sometimes you just gotta push yourself and things will work out.

This is one of my favorite tops that I don’t wear as often anymore! I used to wear it alllll the time last year. I love the color especially, but the unique cut of it is so cool and different. You can’t really tell in these pictures, but the straps of the tank knot in the back so the back is basically fully open. I always wear my bralette with this top because it just looks so cool.

I also love this top because you can wear it any way. I wore this exact outfit to a party a couple weekends ago, but when I took this picture I was wearing it for a normal day. It’s perfect for the hot weather.

I’ve styled it so many different ways since I got it, but this particular time, I just went with my jean shorts and black Converse. Once again, I went makeupless because it was hotter than hell, and put my messy hair into a cute half-up-half-down thing. Don’t you love humidity?

How was your weekend?! Let me know in the comments!

everything is blue

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top (no longer being sold by American Apparel). shorts. bralette. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses.

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend, look at us! I’m seeing my parents this weekend, so I’m super pumped. I love any chance I get to spend time with them.

Here’s a look similar to one I posted way back when I started my blog. I’ve always loved this crop top (it’s a hand-me-down from my cousin) because it’s basic, cute, and a little flirty. When I first wore this look, I wore high-waisted, lighter wash denim shorts. Not gonna lie, as much as I adore these new shorts from American Eagle, I really miss the higher waistline that I’m used to with other bottoms. I feel like the space between the end of the top and beginning of the bottoms is too much sometimes. Nevertheless, I’ll always love this shirt, no matter how I style it.

I wore my hair in braids to protect my soul from the heat, ditched the makeup again, and wore my white Converse. I also wore INDI by Katy Perry (again! what a surprise) and my adorable (but still too big!) heart-shaped sunglasses. I get so many compliments on them.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

ride with the wind

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Hi hi! Today’s look features a new item of clothing! My mom and I went to American Eagle while I was home for a bit, and I found a bunch of stuff I loved. I feel like whenever you go shopping wanting to find something, you don’t like anything, but when you dip into a store for fun, you fall in love with everything.

Anyway, I got this pair of black shorts there! I do have another pair of black shorts, but they’re a little too small, and kinda uncomfortable. These are “midi” length, in other words, they cover my whole butt, because apparently that’s something you have to do in the real world. I went all black with my bodysuit and sneakers, and wore my red and black Harley Davidson flannel. It’s so soft and comfy!

I braided my hair since it was tangly and puffy, went without makeup because it was hot, and wore Katy Perry’s Killer Queen because it’s perfect!

I can’t wait to show you guys the other stuff I got from American Eagle! Stay tuned! xoxo  

elephant in the room

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Hello hello! You know how I always post about really cute pieces, and I complain that I never wear them? I decided that this summer, in addition to adding more color to my wardrobe, I’ll also be breaking these pieces out more! Here’s one of them.

When I saw this top in Mystique Boutique NYC a couple years back, I instantly fell in love because I’m obsessed with elephants! They’re so perfect and adorable, and they also happen to be my sorority’s animal! (I wonder who had a hand in making that happen…) This top is super comfy, and I always love sparkles. 

I wore this top with my denim shorts, which happened to be the exact color of the blue detail on the top! Before I left, I threw on my navy blue flannel, and it actually looked really cute. I’m upset I didn’t get a picture with it on. I wanted to switch things up a bit, since I feel like I’m always showing love to my more neutral flannels. Like I said, I definitely need to rotate my wardrobe a bit!

At first when I put it on, I didn’t know how I felt. I thought it was a little too matchy-matchy. Sometimes I’ll try out different color combinations and not know how I feel just because I’m not used to them. But something inside me was telling me it worked, so I decided to go with my gut! As the day went on, I fell more in love with it.

I also wore my white Converse and Katy Perry’s Mad Love, which I don’t think I’ve ever posted about! It's super floral, sweet, and yummy! Getting the bottle to stay up like this was an adventure. If you zoom in super close, you can see that a weirdly bent paperclip did the trick. Flatlays are lit!

Moral of the story, wear what you love! I always say that when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing and it’s something you love, your happiness will shine through and you’ll look beautiful no matter what you’re in. It’s kind of like something Roald Doahl said:

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

flower power

Outfit of the DayKristenComment

Happy Tuesday! I’m so happy the sun has made a return. I’ve been loving the weather and being able to wear shorts again! I got these beauties at American Eagle a couple weeks ago and I’m in love!!! I tried on a couple pairs of cloth shorts like these, but these were the only ones I got. I love the color, the design, how they fit, literally everything about them. I’ve really been loving cloth, patterned shorts lately. I need to get more!

This tank is another one of my favorites. It’s really comfy, and I don’t need to wear a bra with it! Truly a blessing in the summer. I love how it’s cute and unique, but basic enough that I can wear it a lot of different ways. I wore my black Converse and braided my hair since I was having a horrible hair day.

I also wore my Coconut Passion perfume from Victoria’s Secret! I bought it a couple years ago and fell in love. I love coconut! I went without makeup, and made sure to wear sunscreen now that the sun is out. My personal favorite is Kiss My Face’s All Natural Dry Oil Spray Sunscreen. It smells yummy and does the job! Read my full review here if you’d like!

Remember to enjoy the sun today, and tell your friends and family you love them! I love you guys!