The Clunkster

Sorority Sunday


Shirt. Leggings (similar). Sneakers. Sunglasses (mine are lighter). 

Happy Sorority Sunday! This week’s letters are brought to you by my hyperactive cousins. I had a family barbecue, and I needed to wear something that I could run around in. However, it was super swampy and yucky outside. I needed to wear something that could also cover me up so I wouldn’t get tons of bug bites.

So, I went with my leggings, the solution to every problem, and my adorable srat shirt. I love this black and gold look, especially since the gold is super sparkly and cute! I paired this look with black Converse since they match and they’re easy to run around in.

I kept my jewelry simple (Pura Vidas were Xi Gamma Nu colors, of course) as well as my makeup. Even after all the sweat, water, and running around, it stayed on beautifully (thanks Urban Decay Setting Spray, I will praise you forever).

My hair was originally straight, but as I got more sweaty and the air got more humid, I put it up and it got yucky. I really hate humid weather.

Something Greek is having a sale, so I just ordered a bunch of new shirts that you’ll be seeing here soon since they’re so adorable! What are your letters?