The Clunkster

Your Scorpio is Showing


Shirt (from Pacsun by Brandy Melville, but I can't find the exact style online). Leggings (similar). Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar). 

To start off, I kinda just wanna apologize a little bit, but not a whole lot. I haven’t been posting a ton lately, mostly because I’ve been working crazy hours, and as I’ve mentioned in the past, I wear a uniform, and that’s not exactly a look I wanna post. After work, I usually don’t get dressed and go out because I’m tired as hell. And on days off, I just stay in my pajamas. So, I’m sorry about the lack of posts, but I’m gonna live my damn life!

So, today I wore something relatively comfy but equal parts nice. I was seeing a show put on by a bunch of little kids, so I needed to be comfy enough to squat and run but cute enough to go to a show. I think this look did a great job with that! I wore my trusty leggings and this cute and comfy shirt I bought a little while ago. I paired the look with my black Converse and called it a night.

I think my rounded sunglasses looked super cute with this look! I’ve really been loving the dark colors lately. It’s my Scorpio showing. My hair looks nice because I straightened the shit out of it last night, and my makeup looks good because I took my time. I need to buy more concealer and learn to apply less foundation, but whatever! I made my eyelashes extra long.

And, I pulled a double-necklace. Silver looked great with the tones of my look, so I amped it up! A double necklace it was. It looked great. I should totally do this more. Maybe, if I actually post, double necklaces will keep making appearances!