The Clunkster



Am I sniffing my armpit or showing off my bralette???

Shirt Thing (no longer being sold at Charlotte Russe). Leggings (similar). Sneakers. Bralette. Sunglasses (similar).

Today, I kept things nice and casual. I went out with one of my friends, so I wanted to be comfortable, but still look cute. I started with leggings, because I am always comfy in leggings, cropped because it was super super humid. Then, I wore my cute little cropped hoodie with low sleeve openings and paired it with my bralette.

I’ve worn something similar to this before, except I wore ankle-length leggings, my high-topped sneakers, and a bandeau instead of a bralette. I guess I like both looks equally! They’re cute in different ways.

My makeup was relatively normal and natural. My hair was super duper frizzy since it was humid anyway and I didn’t feel like doing anything to it. My jewelry was normal too.

This is a very boring post. I am sorry. But sometimes, I wake up and just put clothes on without some thought. Please enjoy these photos of my clothing.