The Clunkster

Dark Times


Once again, I am seriously in love with today’s look. I played around with darker colors today, and I’m so happy with the way things turned out! This shirt is another hand-me-down from my cousin. I like it a lot! It’s barely a shirt; it’s more like an extra layer to wear, which is one of my favorite things. For most of the day, I wore the tank super low so you could kinda see my boobs and it was nice and ~cheeky~, but I pulled it up later in the day when my dad came home, and I also added a black flannel.

This top could have gone great with a bralette, but I knew it would look amazing with my bralette. It kept things cheeky, but the lace detail also looked amazing with the open back. Even though my bralette usually flattens my boobs a bit, the low neckline made up for it.

To match my bralette and the ~dark vibes~, I wore my black high waisted shorts. I didn’t even think of tucking this shirt in, but it 

may look great another time. I kept up with the darkness with my black Converse and choker.

Fun fact about this choker: it’s actually the drawstring of my sweatpants! I hate them, so I pull them out, and I jokingly tied this around my neck and then realized that it was actually really adorable. It looks great just wrapped once, but here it’s wrapped three times around my neck and tied in a bow in the back. I would love to make it into an actual necklace.

Tank (no longer being sold at Urban Outfitters). Shorts. Bralette. Sneakers. Perfume. Lipstick. Sunglasses (similar).

I kept my makeup natural and normal. I would have loved to wear my darker lipstick, but I honestly didn’t have time to put it on this morning. I did put it in my flatlay though! Also, my hair was super disgusting and knotty. It matched the vibe for today, but no matter how many times I deny it, I seriously need a haircut. Dead hair and chlorine do NOT go well together, no matter how many times you wash your hair.

Going forward with the dark vibes, I went dark when I got my nails done today. They’re actually the same colors as my outfit: all of them are deep maroon, except for my ring fingers, which are black. I am so into these dark vibes.

Flannel (no longer being sold at Eddie Bauer).