The Clunkster

Move In!!!


Shirt (no longer being sold at Target). Tank (basic, you can get it anywhere). Leggings (similar). Converse.

Wow! Well, I have had the craziest weekend. As if moving back to college wasn't enough, work put me on for some weird hours AND I was sick. So balancing all that was really fun, and honestly, clunking fell to the side, so I'm sorry about that!

Now that I'm back at college, things will definitely be changing here. You'll be seeing some different photos and different styles, but it will probably be less, unfortunately, until I figure out exactly what I'm doing. So bear with me for a bit!

Today’s move-in look is something that's kinda girl-next-door-y. It's based around one of my favorite shirts! I got this a few years ago in Target… in the little boys’ section. This was my first gender-bendy purchase! It's very close to my heart. I like boy flannels better for so many reasons that we will go into at another time.

When I wear this shirt, I wear it with my basic tank. It makes my boobs look good hehe. Today, I wore these leggings since they’re super comfy for traveling. And they make my butt look good! It's a win-win. Usually, I wear this shirt with black Converse, but I've been feeling those white Converse vibes lately.

My jewelry was normal, as was my hair and makeup, which I did in the car, but I am not wearing in this iPhone selfie. I had already packed my camera. I've got a lot of product reviews coming your way as well. Things are gonna be a bit shaken up. Time for a roller coaster.