The Clunkster

Black Black Black


Tank (no longer being sold through Halsey’s store). Shorts. Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar). Bralette.

Guess what?! I’m still sick! But, I did go out to the bank for half a second. So, I decided to look at least a little cute. I started off with my Badlands tank that I got from the Halsey concert since I haven’t worn it yet. Then, I threw on my black high-waisted shorts because they were clean. I tucked in the back, but left the front a little bit loose. I wanted to stick with the black theme, so I wore my black Converse.

As far as jewelry goes, I kept things normal, except for my black choker since it went with my aesthetic. My hair was frizzy and messy, and I didn’t wear makeup because clunk that.

I told you guys: every now and then I don’t put thought into my outfit. I just put clothes on. And that was today.