The Clunkster

Simple Vibes


Shirt. Skirt (different color). Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar).

Today’s look is relatively simple, which has been a more recent development for me. I think simplicity is something I would like to work towards a bit more, because I enjoy it when I dress simply!

I started off with my cute little denim skirt that I'm in love with, as you all know. In the past, I've only worn this skirt with black shirts. Today, I decided to get a little lighter and go with a white shirt. This plain white tee is tight, unlike my baggy-ish other ones. I really liked the way this looked!

This look got a little matchy, but in a good way. My skirt always happens to look better with white Converse, and now my Converse matched my shirt!

My hair was wavy/curly today, which I really loved with this look. My makeup was normal (I did use new mascara… I'll get to that another time!), as well as my jewelry, except for my necklace. My favorite elephant necklace was tangled, but one of my sorority sisters just untangled it for me, so I decided to re-Christen it today. I love this necklace because you can adjust the length, so I made it the shortest setting and it looks perfect with the V-neck! I also changed up my Pura Vidas, which I haven't done in a while: black for fun, and blue for the skirt.

Wearing this skirt always makes me twenty times happier to be alive, and that's why I love fashion.