The Clunkster

Sorority Sunday!


Shirt. Leggings (similar). Moccasins. Sunglasses (similar).

IT’S SORORITY SUNDAY! From a couple weeks ago, hence the old setting. I brought back my Star Wars shirt, but this time, I wore it with my long leggings. I didn't know how good it would look since those leggings have the colored band, but it was actually fine!

I don't think I've ever posted my moccasins on here. They're the most comfortable things EVER and I wear them as often as I can. Since I wanted to be comfy, I wore them!

Unlike my usually Sorority Sunday looks, I did wear makeup. My jewelry was normal, and I threw my hair in a bun because I’m lazy and my hair was a mess.

I really love this look! Stay tuned for more srat merch on The Clunkster.