The Clunkster

A Cute Lazy Look


Lately, I’ve been wearing this black dress a lot. It’s perfect in so many ways. It’s nice enough that I can wear out to an event, but it’s casual enough that I can just throw it on and leave my room, as exhibited in this selfie. As you all know, I care a lot about my appearance. I very occasionally go out in sweatpants. This dress is perfect for when I don’t wanna put a ton of effort into my appearance, but I still wanna look good.
How do I achieve this? There are a couple ways regarding this particular look. First, my wet hair. It seems lazy, but wet hair is becoming a statement. There’s been tons of wet hair on the runways lately, which I am loving. Next, my shoes, which I expressed my love for yesterday. Though they’re comfy, they’re gold, which takes the look to another level. I love fashion.

Last, but not least, lipstick, which I have also expressed my undying love for in the past. The lipstick honestly completes this look. In the photo, I’m wearing my bright pink lipstick, which I really like. It’s very flirty and girly, but it makes a statement. I have two other 

lipsticks in the photo: red and dark brown (my vamp lip). The other night, I wore this exact outfit with red lipstick and my hair in a bun. It kept the look very classy and put together, but it was also cute. The dark lipstick is the more mature yet bold choice.

Everything else about my look is normal, like my jewelry. This is the perfect last-minute outfit for a busy girl like me!