The Clunkster

Choking Hazard


I wore a choker to my fashion history class yesterday, where we learned about different types of body mutilation for adornment. One was that some women in other countries stretch their necks with several gold rings. It looked absolutely terrifying, but in a way, I was inspired by it. I wondered what a bunch of chokers would look like. Today, I tested my theory.

Yesterday, I wore my black and white choker since my shoes were white. This time, I decided to add my plain black one on top. By the way, these are both still coming from the drawstrings of my pants, 

so the strings still fall down my back, but it looks cool. At first, I kind of spread them out, leaving one under my chin and the other by my collarbone. Then, I moved them together. I can’t really figure out which I like better. One of my friends said I looked injured in the first, but clunk him.

Overall though, I thought this looked really cool and I would totally go with this look again. Maybe as I get more, I’ll try wearing three chokers! I’m so happy that chokers are back in. The nineties are back and I’m so excited.

I scratched between my chokers right before I took this photo oops