The Clunkster

Frat Boy Barbie


Tank (no longer being sold at Urban Outfitters). Bralette. Shorts. Sneakers. Hat. Socks.

Tonight, I look like a frat boy, which is one of my favorite things to look like. I went to a luau themed party, so I wanted to look beachy. Logically, I dressed as a frat boy on Spring Break.

My friend left his beachy Where’s Waldo shirt at my suite last night, so I decided to steal it! I did a tight tuck today, into my short as shit shorts. I should do tighter tucks more often. I also wore my bralette under my shirt. Originally, I had on sparkly flip-flops (like in my closet selfie), but I realized that in order to really finish off the frat boy look, I needed to wear white shoes with black socks. I wore my Send Help hat backwards, in true frat boy fashion.

I feel like I kind of am a frat boy in my soul. I actually really liked this outfit, except if I wore it again I would obviously wear white socks, and I would probably ditch the hat. I love when costumes turn into actual inspiration!