The Clunkster

Return of the Clunk


Shirt. Shorts. Jacket (similar). Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar).

Oh, Jesus. I am so sorry, you guys. I’ve gone completely off the grid. You see, college is very fun, especially when you’re involved in so much on campus. Unfortunately, that sometimes means you have to sacrifice other things, such as sleeping, eating, and blogging. On top of this transition being relatively sudden, my computer also decided to crap out, making it ten times more difficult to upload photos. Thankfully, I found a loophole, and I will hopefully be back on a decent posting schedule soon.

Today’s look was one of my favorites, and I kinda pulled it together by accident! I wore the shorts during the day, but I wanted to change my shirt, so I wore my Tilly’s boy shirt. I tucked it in because why not and it actually looked super cute! Since it was a bit chilly outside and I didn’t plan on bringing a bag, I wore this cute jacket that also has pockets. I love this jacket so much. Then, I finished everything with black Converse to go with my darker tones.

The cute little bow to pull this look together would be my high messy bun. I think it ties the different levels together really well. Here I go again with levels… 

Otherwise, my jewelry was normal. This was relatively simple, but I really like it. I think I love my looks more when I think about them less.

For the record, my room doesn’t look like this anymore. This photo was taken a while ago, when I still wasn’t completely set up. I still have a few finishing touches, but it looks super cute now.