The Clunkster

Chill af


Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap).

Shirt (no longer being sold at dELiA*s). Shorts. Converse. Bandeau. Sunglasses (similar).

I'm really into today’s look. This was one that was sorta thrown together. I started with my black shorts, and I wasn't sure which shirt to pick. This cute cut-out crop top ended up on top of my unpacked pile of clothes, and it looked cute! I wore a black bandeau with it to match the shorts. I wore my white Converse to match the shirt!

Since it’s been just a bit chilly in Boston lately, I wore this cute sweater that I later left at my friend’s apartment. Once again, I played with lots and lots of levels.

This look was topped off by some regular makeup and straight hair, as well as normal jewelry. It was then followed by an extremely short post since I didn't put a ton of thought into this look.