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Throwback Thursday

Top (no longer being sold at  Urban Outfitters ).  Jeans .  Moccasins .  Scrunchie .

Top (no longer being sold at Urban Outfitters). Jeans. Moccasins. Scrunchie.

What I love about fashion is that it’s super diverse. A while ago, I posted a look with this shirt. It’s one of my favorite shirts, mainly because it makes me feel super sexy and confident. However, I can also wear this shirt in a cute way, like I did here!

This is a cute girl-next-door look that I really enjoyed wearing. I wore these jeans that do also make me feel sexy, but this wasn’t super over the top, which I really liked. I wore my moccasins, since moccasins are the most comfy things in the entire world, and I had a scrunchie on my wrist for reasons I don’t remember. My hair was straight and normal, and I didn’t wear any makeup. Either way, I felt adorable.