The Clunkster

Flannel Friday


Flannel (no longer being sold at Eddie Bauer). Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Stockings.

I always say that flannels are perfect for everything, especially lazy days. Well, I've taken it to the next level! One day, I woke up and didn't feel like wearing pants, as per usual. Since I had been dressing like a trash bag for the couple days before, I knew that I had to look at least a little cute to reassure everyone in my life that I was at least making an attempt. Midterms, am I right?

Thus, the flannel dress was born. Thankfully, my dad is so tall that his shirts fit me like dresses! I simply buttoned up the front and I was ready to go. I wore my Cheer Spanx underneath as well as an Under Armour shirt, which kept me warmer and made me feel less like I was wearing a shirt with no pants (even though I technically was). 

I really, really love this look, and I've worn it a lot more times since the first. I think it's the perfect balance of casual and cute, and it's soooooo comfy. I'm not wearing makeup in the photo, but my hair is in this cute little French braid-y thing that I do when my hair gets super gross. My coworker tells me that it makes me look like a "Bavarian Princess." I'll take it!